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Merrymen weekly update #1


Following Merrymen’s raise on the Genesis Pool launchpad, the team has opted to prioritize internal development, giving Merrymen a fundamentally strong base to begin routing large scale adoption to the ecosystem.

In an effort to improve communication and transparency with the community, the team has committed to publishing weekly updates via Merrymen’s official Medium, along with any other announcements covering the ecosystem’s progression. Additionally, a team of experienced moderators has been onboarded, and is already adaptively attending to any and all concerns presented by Merrymen’s community.

Merrymen invested heavily in influencer marketing & other external activities to accompany and bring visibility to its official raise. This campaign resulted in brilliant results for Merrymen, achieving the entirety of its public raise in 1 single round of funding.

Since this investment, the team has prioritized internal business development, including team expansions, establishing partnerships, and moving forward with tech developments. Today, Merrymen stands on a very solid base internally, allowing the team to begin prioritizing large scale marketing campaigns and bringing adoption to the ecosystem. To begin, the team is developing a growth & visibility campaign (beginning February 28th), set to take place across every major social media, with a clear intention of capturing Robinhood investors attention, as well as other traditional investing communities.

Following Robinhood’s official ultimatum against Merrymen which has now been mutually resolved through minor website changes, the Robinhood community of investors has not yet been made aware of the abhorrent standard practices Robinhood employs against small startups like Merrymen. This will be the focal point of Merrymen’s campaign, which will surely not only expose Robinhood’s clandestine attacks against startups, but also put Merrymen forward as a viable option to invest through, while avoiding these issues synonymous with centralized traditional finance.

Moving forward

Merrymen’s intentions are clear. The aim is to reward loyal token holders by bringing new eyes upon the ecosystem and attracting new potential investors by expanding the community. The team is composed of qualified marketing specialists, fully equipped to propel Merrymen to the next level.

Partnerships will play a big part in Merrymen’s growth strategy. With one partnership already having been announced during the first 2 months since the official raise, its safe to say more are already secured, and many more projects are currently in talks with the Merrymen team. Listing new, established tokens on the DEX will be a top priority moving forward.

The staking platform is underway and while development has been backtracked, it’s prioritization is scheduled to resume in the near future.

The official airdrop will be reopened in an effort to accumulate more Robinhood investors as a result of the growth marketing campaign, and will now have a closing date on the 30th of March.

Once growth marketing campaigns yield results and tech developments are released, the team will continue on its path to reward token holders by heavily investing in external marketing strategies. This campaign has already been secured and will form a part in Merrymen’s broader growth expansion efforts.

“For Merrymen, the main objective moving forward will be to grow a larger, loyal following; one that identifies with our messaging and values, that stands behind decentralization and free and open markets, and robustly rejects Robinhood and everything it stands for.” — Crypto Vlad, Project Lead



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