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Merrymen’s Unique Tokenomics Announced

Brand new community focused token economy focused on the retail investor

Merrymen, a brand new DAO based decentralized exchange (DEX) on the BSC network, is today announcing its unique tokenomics.

Created to demonstrate how important decentralized finance (DeFi) and DEXs are to the retail investor, Merrymen will make available 30% of its tokens to its investment community through its IDO. It will also airdrop 10% of its tokens to Robinhood investors who lost money through the GameStop fiasco and 10% of its tokens to the communities of projects who provide liquidity on the exchange. Additionally, 10% of the supply will be allocated to projects having their raise on Genesis Pool that will list on the Merrymen DEX post-IDO.

With these three allocations combined, that is an incredible 70% of the total tokens minted being allocated to retail investors. This will allow Merrymen to bring in a whole new group of crypto retail investors into the world of DeFi and the Merrymen ecosystem.

Further Details

1 | 30% Raise on pubic

Public raise will be worth $560,000 (150m) which is 30% of total tokens made available via a public sale on a launchpad in 2021.

2 | 10% Projects providing initial liquidity

Merrymen would like to reward the communities of the projects providing liquidity to get them involved and to get more eyes on our DEX.
That’s why we have allocated 10% of our total supply. Projects will be required to provide a minimum amount of liquidity and lock it over a certain amount of time in order for their community to receive the rewards.

3 | 10% Liquidity Provision revenue

Merrymen will allocate 10% of its supply to rewards liquidity providers on the DEX. Through this distribution, individuals will be heavily incentivized to provide liquidity throughout every trading pair, improving the experience when using the DEX for all traders.

4 | 10% Airdropped to Robinhood users

What happened with Robinhood Gamestop fiasco was utterly disgusting, dishonest, unfair and corrupt. At this point Merrymen realize it was the perfect opportunity to provide a community focused DEX which will help traditional investors from Robinhood come across to a DEX where it is an easy to use and easy to understand exchange.

5 | 30% Team, Marketing, Operations and Rewards

30% is being vested by the project and will be locked accordingly (future locking schedule will be announced closer to the date). There will also be some rewards build into marketing and operations of the project.

6 | 10% airdropped Genesis Pool listings

10% of Merrymen’s tokens are being allocated to the communities of projects conducting their raises on the Genesis Pool launchpad that list and provide liquidity on the merrymen DEX immediatly post — IDO.

The total market cap will be $1.866.664

No other DEX will have a market cap below $2mill on launch. So therefore expect Merrymen to grow.

Merrymen Project Lead commented:

“Merrymen wants to give as many retail investors as possible the opportunity to become seed investors in a real decentralized exchange.

Our tokenomics are designed to allow this to happen by not only allocating 30% of the tokens to the public through our IDO, but also giving away a large amount of tokens to Robinhood investors, the communities of the projects joining us and other initiatives.

This really is a unique set of tokenomics that we are very proud to be part of.”

Merrymen will launch in Q4 2021 and is currently working with a number of DeFi launchpads to open its IDO to as many investors as possible.

For further information please visit Merrymen’s platforms and follow our channels: Twitter | Telegram



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