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Festival der Zukunft / The Festival of the Future

Celebration of Culture and new Technologies (including my video exhibition)

(Credits: Hans-Martin Kudlinski for 1E9)

1e9 is “Denkfabrik für die Zukunft”: a thought factory of the future. Brought to life by Wolfgang Kerler (chef editor of German Wired), this digital platform is the melting pot of ideas, concepts, future visions from all areas of human life. Here culture, technology, science, art are meeting in one place — with huge community.

I had a honor to be part of the recent Festival for the Future, created by 1e9 in Deutsches Museum, Munich in 22nd–24th of July 2022.

Because there are a lot to tell about, to explore, and to impart the knowledge about art, creativity and New Technlogies.

(Credits: Michael Förtsch/1E9)

I was presented here with my talk about Art and AI. One of the most relevant topics for me right now. My main message was:

Artificial Intelligence won’t replace artists, but will augment their capabilities.

(Credits: Deutsches Museum/Florian Freund)

After working for years with different creative models of Artificial Intelligence I came to this conclusion. Sure, AI will reshape everything. It will create new jobs (like Prompt Designer and other professions we are even don’t imagine right now). But it’s up to humans to embrace the unlimited possibilities, instead of superstitiously fearing of unknown.

Digital and medial competence, learning, education — this all is crucial for understanding the Future, which is now.

I also have shown several video installments.

One was my Munich Edition of MerzDALLEum, a showcase of my newest experiments with DALL·E 2

Further several AI-driven short movies were shown here:

Empty Room (2020)

Read more about this movie here.

dreAIms: in Black and White (2020)

Read more here.

Nyeshkerh (2021)

Read more here.

I hope, I could inspire somebody to move into direction of human-machine collaboration.

Because AI is a new Muse.

(Credits: Deutsches Museum/Florian Freund)

The Journey continues!



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