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GPT-3: Creative Potential of NLP

New ML milestone by OpenAI — in action (Published in: Towards Data Science)




Creativity in Digital Age

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Futurist. AI-driven Dadaist. Living in Germany, loving Japan, AI, mysteries, books, and stuff.

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ruDALL-e, or From Russia with AI

65 Art datasets for AI artwork generation. Ready-to-use

AI-art. High-dimensional distributions are described and new pictures are generated using deep generative models. Recent research suggests that photos containing semantic information and a global composition may be on the horizon. Art historians, artists, and researchers are interested in how computers interpret art and how this affects art history, creativity, and the human-computer interaction. It’s impossible to predict which artworks will be popular in the future. DALLE 2, GLIDE, and IMAGE

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Using A.I. in Disco Diffusion to create conceptual spaceship art.