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Commented Guide to the Virtual exhibition of Art, generated with DALL·E


Welcome to merzDALLEum.

Renaissance Painting as First Person Shooter

Gollum writes his autobiography.

An IT guy trying to fix the hardware of a PC tower is being tangled by the PC cables like Laokoon. Marble, copy after a Hellenistic original from ca. 200 BC. Found in the Baths of Trajan, 1506.

Mona Lisa drinking wine with da Vinci

Something completely stupid, in style of Magritte.

Everything is connected

AI artists in Disbelief

Man holds on to his academic papers tightly in excitement for new scientific breakthrough, as oil painting, in the style of Spizweg.

Sisyphus as a happy man, according to Albert Camus.

Photography of an Art Gallery with different artworks displayed on the walls.

Writer thinks out the main plot of her book.

A Mindmap Wall with Photos and Notes in a Room of a Private Detective.



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Futurist. AI-driven Dadaist. Living in Germany, loving Japan, AI, mysteries, books, and stuff.