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What have I done!? Entering Mainstream Media.

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What a year… I mean, if not this horrible war in Ukraine, not the ongoing COVID, not evolving Climate Change, our world would be a better place. But everybody does what s/he can to enhance it.

Here is the small contribution I made this year to… to whom actually? The world? Society? Culture? I don’t want to sound pathetic (and yet I do)…


What? My interview “Natural Language Processing and the Human Factor Empathy”
When? January 23rd 2022
Where? Decisively Digital, the anthology about creating a culture and designing strategy published by Alexander Loth.

What? Introduction about artist and designer Mez Breeze for her AI-driven book [Por]TrAIts
When? 2nd September 2022
Where? [Por]TrAIts by Mez Breeze

Essays (published outside of Merzazine)

What? Kann DALL-E 2 fotorealistische Bilder erzeugen?(about photorealism and prompt design with DALL-E)
When? 19th of June 2022
Where? Kann DALL-E 2 fotorealistische Bilder erzeugen? for Decoder/Mixed, (English Version here)

What? KI als Filmemacher: Wie man Kurzfilme nur mit Machine-Learning-Modellen macht (about movie making with AI)
When? 15th July 2022
Where? 1e9 (reboot of German Wired) [English version here]

What? KI-System DALL·E: Ein Alleskönner für Kreative / An article about DALL·E and its creative use.
When? 10th of August 2022
Where? Heise Developer

This article was №2 in the Reader’s Top 10 favourite Articles in 2022.

What? My very personal review of the year 2022
When? 31st of December 2022
Where? CulturMag

Read here my reviews of the years 2021, and 2020.

Radio / Podcasts

What? Conversation about Sentient AI with Matthias Bastian from MIXED
When? 21st June 2022
Where? Mixedcast (MIXED)

What? Tod der Kunst? Discussion wit Martin Holland and Silke Hahn
When? 08th September 2022
Where? #heiseshow

What? Wie KI-Bilder die Kunstwelt aufmischen, A conversation about collisions and synergies between AI and Art, by Juli Rutsch
When? 23th September 2022
Where? Hessischer Rundfunk / hr-iNFO Netzwelt

What? Kreativität auf Knopfdruck. Discussion about AI and creativity with Johannes Kuhn, Ramona Westhof and me.
When? 16th December 2022
Where? DeutschlandFunk / Kompressor

What? Wie Künstliche Intelligenz Kunst & Gaming verändert. A conversation about AI and its transformative power
When? 27th of December 2022
Where? Bayerischer Rundfunk 24


What? My works were presented in a documentary about Creative AIs.
When? 10th August 2022
Where? 3Sat, “Ich rechne also bin ich”, Documentary by Volker Strübing

What? Conversation with me about AI and creativity.
When? 23rd November 2022
Where? ARD ONE, “aufgeheizt & zugespitzt”

Festivals, Presentations and Lectures

Karajan Music Tech

What? Conversation about new technologies and art
When? 8th April 2022
Where? Karajan Music Tech, online


What? Two Presentations: about Crypto and about creative AI approaches
When? April 2022
Where? Symposium “Network policy and consumer protection in digital spaces” for Central Welfare Board of Jews in Germany, Initiative “Mabat” (Imparting of Digital Competence)

State of Interim

What? “Artificial Creative Intelligence”, a Workshop about creativity and new technologies
When? 27th May 2022
Where? International conference “State of Interim”, by Kaeur Studio

Here is the presentation:

Council for the US and Italy

What?AI: New World, New Ways, New Challenges”, a talk about cultural impact of new technologies on society
When? 15th of June 2022
Where? Congress “A New World is Coming”, organized by Council for the US and Italy.

What? “DALL-E: a creative AI tool”, discussion
When? 23rd June 2022
Where? Frankfurt AI Meetup, “Dynamic Playground of AI

Waterkant Festival 2022

What? Presentation “How to create an NFT with the help of AI
When? June 2022
Where? Waterkant Festival, Kiel

My most important slide from the presentation:

Festival der Zukunft / Festival of the Future

What? DALL·E 2, GPT-3, StyleGAN: Kunst mit KI — Presentation about creative AI-driven models and their use in cultural field.
When? 22nd-24th of July, 2022
Where? Festival der Zukunft / Festival of the Future, Art and Science Festival in Munich, Deutsches Museum,

Read my review here.

36th Meetup Data Science Darmstadt

What? Talk: “DALL-E and Co in Interaction and Reflexion”
When? 10th of October 2022
Where? Darmstadt Data Science, 36th Meetup

What? KathAIna von Zimmern, multimedial PowerPointPerformance (review soon)
When? 29th October 2022
Where? Katharina von Zimmern Festival, online (organized by

Including this conversation “About Proof of God” between Katherina von Zimmern, Erasmus von Rotterdam & Huldrych Zwingli:


AI Film Festival (by KnownOrigin)

Kevin W. Page, Organizer, Artist, Actor and KnownOrigin AI Art Ambassador is speaking.

What?On the Run”, short movie, created by and with AI.
When? 10th April 2022
Where? CryproVoxels, #KnownAIFilmFestival

All entries:

Read also review by Digitale Leinwand.


What? My virtual DALL·E exhibition
When? Since 29th April 2022
Where? On Spatial, read also my introduction.

Waterkant Festival

What? EduArt Exhibition of my AI artworks and approaches
When? June 2022
Where? Waterkant Festival, Kiel

Photos by SpummaLab

What? “Not a poet”, an animated Etherpoem
When? June 2022
Where? NYC NFT, Accelerate Art, in Elisabeth Street Gallery, New York

Some impressions by my friends:

Festival der Zukunft / Festival for the Future

Photos by Michael Förtsch (left) and Deutsches Museum/Florian Freund (right)

What? Multimedial exhibition of my short movies and works
When? 22nd-24th of July, 2022
Where? Festival der Zukunft / Festival of the Future, Art and Science Festival in Munich, Deutsches Museum,

Read my review here.

What? Part of the exhibition of AI artists (Mario Klingemann, Claire Silver, Ivona Tau, Helena Sarin etc.)
When? July, 2022
Where? SoNSo / ai_gallery, curated by SoNSo

What? My work “Somebody in the Liminal Space”
When? 22th November 2022
Where? Galerie Greulich and Ratata Gallery in the House of Creativity & Innovation during Creative Week

Read more here

Prompt Generations

What? Prompt Generations, a virtual exhibition by arte.go
When? 20th December 2022–28th February 2023
Where? Artist Portal arte.go

Read also my review of this exhibition.


new session, issue 2

What? Series of poems about love (some of them dangerous), written by me in collaboration with AI
When? January 2022
Where? A New Session, Issue 2, published by Cara Esten / viewable via terminal

TXT-art, Crypto Poetry Anthology


What? My poem in collaboration with illustrator Ezra Igor
When? 20th April 2022
Where? TXT-ART by Redlion

What? ASite Toolkit, Carousel / AI/AR workshops and tools for artists.
When? 22nd September 2022
Where? ASite, an educational project for artists by Karen Vanderborght

What? AI-driven sequences for music video “WALK INTO THE OCEAN” by Engineering Bureau.
When? 16th December 2022
Where? Online, read also review by Post Punk.

Music video:

Interviews and Mentions

What? The computer stole my job! How artificial intelligence is making
a digital transition in the everyday life
, by Giorgia Verna
When? 16th February 2022
Where? Zeta Luiss Magazine

What? La prima copertina creata con intelligenza artificiale, an essay by Giorgia Verna about various artist methods.
When? 28th June 2022
Were? Zeta Luiss Magazine

What? Navigating The Stormy Waters Of NFTs, in conversation with Beth Jochim
When? 30th June 2022
Where? Tech Art Talks magazine

NZZ Folio

What? Der Computer holt uns ein: Maschinen führen Gespräche und erschaffen Bilder — mit dramatischen Folgen / Interview with me about AI and art, including my work, by Reto Schneider
When? 6th of September 2022
Where? NZZ FOLIO, Special Issue “Artificial Intelligence”


What? So arbeitet es sich mit der Bild-KI DALL-E 2. An essay about my experiments with Diffusion Model by OpenAI, by Franziska Mozart.
When? September 2022
Where? W&V Magazine

What? How the Artificial Intelligence reshapes the world of art — and how the creatives handle it”, an essay about various artists applying AI for their creative needs.
When? 22nd September 2022
Where? 1e9 Magazine

What? Kunst aus der Maschine. Various opinions about AI and art, by Jan Eggers
When? 23rd September 2022
Where? hr-iNFO

What? AI Shifting the Cultural Paradigm, Special about my art approach and use of AI technologies, including my works, by Ryan Ward
When? 12th December 2022
Where? Cambridge University AI Society.

What? L’intelligenza artificiale è diventata la mia musa. An interview with me about cultural impact of AI, by Yamila Ammirata and Caterina Di Terlizzi
When? 19th December 2022
Where? Zeta Luiss Magazine

What? Imagination: Interview & Inspiration / Interview with me by Dreaming Tulpa
When? 30th December 2022
Where? AI Art Weekly #15

K.I. Krimis

Dr. Jaromir Konecny, a lecturer for SRH Mobile University and poet, mentioned my art in his video lecture series “K.I. Krimis”

What? Mentioning my art experiments with AI
When? 12th June 2022
Where? K.I. Krimis: Kann Künstliche Intelligenz kreativ sein? A videocast series by Dr. Jaromir Konecny

2 Minutes Papers


And this is just beginning. There is still so many aspects to explore, ways to go, approaches to apply.

Wish you all great New Year!

Let’s create and inspire!




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