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ScholarWithCode: Plugin that finds them all.

A handy tool combining PaperWithCode and Google Scholar

Screencap by Merzmensch: Looking for a specific Papers and Code using “ScholarWithCode”

“Papers, papers everywhere”. In the Age of Machine Learning, we are flooded by Papers. The number of ArXiv’s documents is growing exponentially. According to a report by MIT Technology Review (from 2019), there were following numbers of downloading papers about “Artificial Intelligence” from ArXiv:

It’s truly difficult to orient yourself in the endless papers deluge. On the one hand.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a paper of interest, you surely know your search criteria. But to read a paper is not enough.

“All theory is gray, my friend. But forever green is the tree of life.” (Mephisto, from: “Faust I”)

A code, bringing paper to life, is essential for your practical experimenting. Fortunately, there are some useful systems and services, which have their advantages, depending on your interest.

With Google Scholar, for example, you can look up relevant Papers.

Papers with Code is a treasure chest if you are looking for codes and GitHub repositories to a particular paper.

To combine both services there is a Chrome Extension, made by Elad Richardson: Scholar with Code. It allows us to see code implementations directly in Google Scholar.

And it works perfectly (as you see in the header image above). With several clicks you find the code (or even codes) to the paper you are looking for (assumed that the code is already provided). In this case, I was looking for First Order Motion Model.

You know, this one:

Here you can find this Extention:

And here is the code

Now, dear ML community, who will make a Chrome Extention “Colab Notebooks with Code”?

Because, you know, that’s me:



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