A Purpose and Understanding.

At MESE.io, our mission is to contribute to microfinance solutions that create wealth through the creation of new tools and specifically decentralized structures. A clear understanding of this comes from the question, “ What is the difference between Microequities and Fractional Ownership of shares?”

Fractional ownership is owning a percentage of a share from your broker’s pool. It is beneficial because you are able to invest in that stock regardless of the price of a single stock or minimum order. While you are a fractional owner, the actual share is held by the brokerage in its own pool and in order to sell that fractional share, you must sell it back to the brokerage you bought it for at the market price.

A microequity is structured not as ownership, but is representative of the value of the stock. It is created as a cryptocurrency, rather than a digital token. The difference is that as a cryptocurrency it exists on a public ledger and so once it is acquired on MESE.io, it can be taken off the exchange and held in a private wallet or transferred to another user off the platform. Thus, the microequity can now act as also a store of value or asset that can hold wealth independently in its current form, rather than be exchanged for cash.

The other attribute is that each microequity represents exactly 1 microshare designated as 1/10,000th of the value of the underlying asset, (i.e. the actual stock), and is not divisible into fractional values or decimals. This allows each microequity to have a clear base value and price guidance from the actual listed stock, i.e. if Tesla is at $450, then the microequity value is at $0.045 or 4.5 cents. This is an ideal entry point for accessibility, but also education about equities and valuation.

Why this is important is that as a tokenized equity, created as a decentralized token, microequities are able to be traded on their own independent microequity market that has clear price guidance, but also the opportunity to price in the accessibility . This would be an asset that would have a level of stable price guidance, momentum and value based on a robust established business not seen at the ‘penny stock’ level. This allows for the power of mature financial markets to be realized in emerging and developing markets where such established equities do not exist and are not accessible at those ‘penny‘ levels. This marks the first time where truly, an individual could make a sustained gain for under a dollar investment.

Financial markets in developing and emerging markets have their own macroeconomic risks due to currency volatility, low liquidity and general market instability. Also apart from microloans or remittance, there are no wealth creation opportunities at the microfinance level when capital is less than a dollar. But MESE.io and microequities solve this by tokenizing the stocks of high value tech companies, such as Apple and Tesla, and making them accessible at 1/10,000 of the actual value. For the first time in history, emerging and developing markets will be able to share in the growth of the most stable and advanced tech companies in the world.

More than just banking the unbanked, MESE.io is about providing accessible wealth creation tools directly to the individual through the accessibility of microequity.

We are at the start of this process and while it may seem like a small start, it has been a long, nearly four year road to get here. But we think the concept of microequity works, and beyond that, it could be part of the solution to the larger problem of global financial inequality that none of us can give up on.

If you’d like to learn more, please continue to read this blog for updates. If you’d like to volunteer your time for projects in our ecosystem of IBMR.io and MESE.io, we’d love to hear from you. We are self funded, so we are still very busy building out the platforms at this time, but please reach out to us at hello@mese.io — Unfortunately, we won’t be organizing volunteers until November 2020 as we’re in full build out mode, but in the meantime, feel free to send us an email, join us on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12459373/), Twitter (@MESEmicroequity) or Telegram (https://t.me/MESEmicroequity) and get ready to change the world!





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