Bi-Weekly News — 29.08.19

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2 min readAug 30, 2019


This week we are celebrating the introduction of decentralized MESG services using Tendermint. Also, we’ve finalized our service orchestration system and made preparations for a new product launch for MESG Process on Product Hunt.

Read on to check out what we have been up to:

Research & Development

  • Services are now compatible with Tendermint! Next step is Instances
  • Continued work on decentralizing executions with Cosmos and Tendermint
  • Renamed Workflow to Process
  • Finalized the orchestration system based on a graph implementation
  • Began implementation of process data resolution
  • Added an auto-start feature for services in the orchestrator
  • Worked on the compilation of the process file
  • Built a script to generate a changelog automatically

Marketing & Community

  • Simplified and updated language throughout
  • Built new webpages and designed illustrations for an upcoming feature
  • Designed a new organization structure of the website
  • Continued work on UX improvement of
  • Prepared a Product Hunt campaign for an upcoming launch (stay tuned!)
  • Contacted influencers on Product Hunt
  • Worked on PR Kit for the upcoming product launch

Partners & Administration

  • Worked on building partnerships to simplify exchange-listing processes
  • Met with partner Gozillo to build a new MESG application

Keep up to date

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