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Mar 11 · Unlisted

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A recently-built application exemplifies MESG’s extreme versatility. It connects multiple cryptocurrencies with other technologies to securely send messages from space.

Ryan Milbourne, the creator of Space Force Messaging Application, was inspired by the censorship resistance of the blockchain to make a secure, spacefaring messaging application.

The build wasn’t entirely straightforward. In order to send a message from space, he had to use the Blockstream Satellite which only accepts Bitcoin payments. But Ryan wanted to use MESG Tokens to initiate the transaction.

By accepting MESG Tokens through a user interface on one end, then completing a Lightning Network transaction to send a message from a satellite on the other end, Ryan created a business with his application.

How does it work?

Using a nicely-built front-end, Spaceforce Messaging Application allows users to enter in a message, then click “send”. Users then need to authenticate their MESG Token payment using Metamask.

From there, Ryan used a Webhook Module to send the message contents from his front-end to the MESG Application. Then, he used an existing ERC-20 Module to track transactions to react to the processed MESG Token payment.

Upon receiving the payment, the application triggers a Lightning Network Module which sends a separate lightning network payment to the Blockstream Satellite Module along with the previously-collected message contents.

And voila! A message is sent from a satellite orbiting earth using MESG and The Lightning Network.

How was it built?

To build this app, Ryan used MESG Core to connect together four different MESG Modules.

  1. ERC20 Module — This was an existing Module that is MESG’s repository that is able to track transfers of the MESG Token (or any ERC20 transaction).
  2. Webhook Module — This is a standard webhook Module used to send the message from the front end to the MESG Application.
  3. Lightning Network Module — A bridge from MESG to OpenNode’s Lightning API, allowing you to send and receive Bitcoin and Lightning Network transactions.
  4. Blockstream Satellite Module — This Module is essentially a bridge from MESG to the Blockstream Satellite API

In addition to these Modules, Ryan used his MESG Application to connect to his front end, which was built using React.

Check out the video below to watch Ryan’s Spaceforce App walkthrough:

Give it a shot!

MESG is all about using creativity to connect any number of disparate technologies together to form killer applications.

Start flexing your creative muscles and get started today!


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