mesmr Nyiax Announcement

We at mesmr are proud to announce our partnership with NYIAX! We are working with their team to integrate their patented Financial Matching Engine into our platform, to allow content creators, brands, and consumers to exchange digital assets on the platform.

“Integrating NYIAX and Nasdaq’s patented digital asset trading method into our marketplace was an easy choice because they have set the gold standard for fostering the best exchange options possible today and our blockchain methodologies align,” said Dil-Dominé Jacobe Leonares, founder and CEO of mesmr.

NYIAX combines a patented Financial Matching Engine℗ with blockchain technology for the advertising industry. NYIAX provides advertisers and publishers a platform to buy, sell, and re-trade premium advertising contracts in a forward/futures methodology. As the first and only trusted, transparent, and curated marketplace, NYIAX enables advertisers and publishers to increase ROI and to reduce costs throughout the deal lifecycle.

You might have heard about NYIAX this month when they applied for a patent on a new method to enable the trading of physical and digital contracts in partnership with NASDAQ. We’re excited to be the first to get to champion their proprietary trading method on, and help spur the digital transformation reshaping many sectors today. At its core, mesmr is about bringing mass adoption to blockchain technology. This effort will be aided by an influx of users, and capital, into the marketplace. For this capital to enter the market, there needs to be a marketplace that is trusted, secure, and transparent. As we increase the efficiency of solutions, processes, and communities, it encourages trust partners and companies to join the market, and improve it.

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