37 up-and-coming creative job titles.

Does your job title need a shot of creativity? Do you feel like all the social media ninjas and tech futurists and marketing rockstars are stealing your thunder? Don’t fret! Here is a list of creative job titles you can immediately add to your LinkedIn profile and Moo business cards.

If you’re a:

Office Manager:

-CCO: Chief Coffee Orderer (can also be used for ‘Chief Cake Orderer’);
-Herder of Helpless People;
-Captain Underappreciated;
-Toilet Paper Messiah.


-Lead Enabler;
-Manager of Codependence;
-Indentured Rockstar;
-Executive Sherpa.

Graphic designer:

-Connoisseur of Pantone;
-Comic Sans Annihilator;
-Director of Kerning;
-Head of Quietly Judging.

Copywriter/Copy Editor:

-Grammar Fascist;
-Colon Lover;
-Oxford Comma Destroyer;
-Aspiring Novelist.

Executive Level:

-Chief Ego Operator;
-Head of Out of Touch;
-VP of Idea Stalling;
-Chief Happiness Slayer.


-Head of No;
-Humor Exterminator;
-CPA: Certified Party Antidote;
-Number Harlot.


-Head of Vacant Stare;
-Beard Leader;
-Silence Guru;
-Full-Stack Pancakes.


-Director of Bad First Impressions;
-Chief Conversation Assassin;
-Office Secrets Keeper;
-Monitor Hoarder.

Social Media:

-Chief Thought Eradicator;
-Connoisseur of Using # IRL;
-Lead No One Understands What I Do;
-End of Society Prophet.

Office Ninja:

-Office Ninja

What’s the craziest creative job title you’ve used/heard?