The Message
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The Message

72 Hours of #Gamergate

Digging through 316,669 tweets from three days of Twitter’s two-month-old trainwreck

Hourly posting activity for #Gamergate/#NotYourShield. Times in UTC.

The Breakdown

Account Age

#Gamergate tweets charted by month of account creation

Roughly 25% of all Gamergate activity is coming from accounts created in the last two months.

The Retweet Network

There’s little overlap between communities.

The top RTed users are pro-GG, the top RTed tweets are against.

Gamergate supporters use the #gamergate hashtag more often.

Averaging Gamergate

Gauging Sentiment

Newsweek’s sentiment analysis. Nope.

Roughly 90–95% take a clear side either in favor or against Gamergate.

Worlds Apart

Each point is a single person in the #Gamergate universe, the lines connect who they follow. See a larger version with labels.

The Data



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