Every Celebrity Interview

by Christine Friar and Caroline Moss

photo via Getty Images

It’s a Wednesday afternoon at Café Gitane, and [YOUR FAVORITE FEMALE CELEBRITY] breezes through the door fifteen minutes late. She says the traffic was crazy and graciously offers to refill my cup of coffee.

“I can’t live without caffeine,” she confesses. “This is like, my 12th cup today.”

She is at ease from the moment she sits down, her willowy frame practically swimming in a gauzy frock.

“Thanks,” she coos when I compliment her ensemble, then leans in close and covers her mouth with her entire hand. “I got it at Target.”

She plops a $65,000 Hermès Birkin bag on an empty chair beside her and we begin to chat about her upcoming memoir, due to be released next month.

Tell us about your diet! How do you stay so fit?
I actually hate to work out, so I maintain my abs in the kitchen. In the morning I’ll have a banana, since it’s so grab-and-go. Or I’ll reach for a handful of (6) almonds, which usually keeps me full for hours. When I want to pig out you can find me by the milk chocolate! Have you ever tried M&M’s? They’re my new thing!

We have tried M&M’s! So yummy! What’s a typical date night like for you and your spouse?
We’re so not like other couples who love to get dressed up and go out to five star restaurants all the time. You can find us on the couch eating Chinese food! Usually I’m dressed in yoga pants and my husband’s UCLA sweatshirt. Sometimes we’ll look at each other and be like, “Are we 80-years-old?” But that’s just who we are, and we’re proud of that.

What’s the best part of your day?
Definitely spending time with my twin girls (6-year-olds Arrow and Lark). I just love sitting down with my kids and being “mommy”!

What are you totally obsessed with lately?
Have you ever heard of pottery? I’ve been really into it, but since I don’t have the time to get to the studio and throw as much as I’d like, I’ve started a collection of those paint-it-yourself figurines. I swear, my housekeepers are like, “Stop bringing home so much pottery!” and, “There’s nowhere left for us to store all this pottery!” but I can’t help it when those creative juices get flowing.

Tell us about your workout schedule.
My trainer Gunter has me get up at 4:30am for a quick 82-minute sprint cycle. I know it sounds crazy, and the first day was definitely tough, but after that it’s super easy. I’ve been doing this for, oh gosh, the last seven years? And it keeps me so zen. The only morning I’ve ever missed was the morning of my C-section and it threw my whole day off — Gunter still has me making up for it.

That sounds rigid, but you look amazing! How do you keep yourself motivated?
Having a good playlist helps! This is a little embarrassing, but I cannot get enough of One Direction right now. I’m all about Zayn! My husband pretends like he doesn’t care, but he’s so jealous. Taking breaks is important, too, so at 11am I always stop for a quick wheatgrass shot before we hit the pool and weight room. It took me and Gunter a while to get the perfect routine down, but now that the system’s in place I’m usually done and ready to start my day by 2pm!

What’s your favorite casual outfit?
I absolutely live in these vintage Rag and Bone jeans I bought in 2013 (GET THEM HERE: LINK). Also, the best kept secret in fashion is Old Navy tank tops. I have one in every color! And I top it all off with a Yankees cap. My husband’s gonna murder me. He loves the Dodgers! Hi babe, if you’re reading!

What’s your pet peeve?
I’m from the heart of America, so little things like manners go a long way with me. I’ll triple up on my pleases and thank you’s to counteract someone else’s bad manners if I overhear them being rude. That’s just how we do it back home!

What keeps your skin looking so clear?
Water! I drink about six liters a day. Did you know that more than 70% of your body is water? It blew my mind when my nutritionist told me, but I Googled and it’s true. In my teens, I didn’t know about water. I tanned and didn’t wear a daily moisturizing sunscreen, and sure enough I started to notice little laugh lines around my eyes in my early-20s. They completely disappeared once I started the water regimen, though.

Such an amazing tip — I’m stealing that one! So tell me, who is your celebrity crush?
It’s kind of out-there, but I’ve really been feeling Adam Driver lately. I recently saw an episode of Girls on a plane and was like, “Hello!” Don’t tell my husband! He’ll murder me.

What’s your favorite app on your phone right now?
I love the clock app — I use it as an alarm!

What do you do that TOTALLY annoys your spouse?
I have this weird thing where I can’t leave the house without brushing my teeth. It’s like, my morning breath is okay if I’m just puttering around the house, but if I’m going to be talking to people out in the world, I need to freshen up. That’s just me! My husband’s always like, “Babe, let’s leave! We’ll miss our flight!” and I’m like, “Not until I’ve brushed my teeth!”

Who do you text the most?
This is so lame, but the answer is definitely my husband. We’re always talking to each other about the little things, like where our kids are. Total nerds.

What celeb has the best Instagram?
I’m biased because she’s my BFF, but I’d have to say Taylor Swift. She’s so carefree and fun with her friends! Oh and also Beyoncé. I love her work.

What’s in your purse right now?
Nothing too crazy. My iPhone, my Blackberry — I still love it! I’m bad! A handful of almonds and a green juice. A book is a must-have for all those long sits in the hair and makeup chairs, especially now that I’m an author — I needed to research! I’m reading “Wild.” Have you heard of it? I’m really into feminism right now. Oh, and I can’t go anywhere without EOS lip balm in Vanilla Mint (GET IT HERE: USE CODE CELEB1234 FOR 3% OFF!)

With all your success, and now this new book, how do you make time for you?
That’s a really great question, and I am going to answer it for you. I don’t have time for myself. I’m a wife, a mommy, an actress, and now an author — it’s like, the day only has 24 hours in it, you know? Sometimes when I’m by myself I just idly Google my name to make sure I’m still relevant. Or I’ll stand in front of the mirror for literally hours at a time pulling back my face fat. Sometimes it makes me cry, but that actually works out fine because I need to cry for a big scene we’re shooting soon, so watching myself do that is actually great practice. I think most people would be pretty surprised if they saw the day-to-day of living and working in an industry that’s constantly threatening to forget you. Sorry, what was the question?