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Satoshi’s Rebuttal of Modern Monetary Theory

Examining the origin of a century-old economic ideology and how bitcoin invalidates many of its core principles.

What is money?

Modern Day Monopoly Money

Hanke & Krus, World Hyperinflation Table
Source: Visual Capitalist
  • Secure from loss/theft
  • Scarce, difficult to counterfeit
  • Easily measurable/divisible

The Not So Modern, Modern Monetary Theory

Google search trends for “Modern Monetary Theory

MMT in the 21st Century

Enter Bitcoin

  • Only the owner of a coin can produce the signature to spend it (confiscation resistance)
  • Anyone can transact and store value in bitcoin without permission (censorship resistance)
  • There will only be 21 million bitcoins, issued on a predictable schedule (inflation resistance)
  • All users should be able to verify the rules of bitcoin (counterfeit resistance)

So What?



It’s crypto intelligence, distributed

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