Messenger chatbots as a native way of communication

We use Messenger every day. For work, for communication with friends and for entertainment. It became an unquestionable part of our life. We use it without any thinking, it became natural for us as brushing teeth or wearing shades in the sun. We simply got used to it. And Messenger chatbots make the most of it.

Messenger is now native for users. And the first rule of advertising is: make native content. Native means created in the way that allows thinking that the advert is a content conventional for used platform.

So what’s the conclusion? Don’t make your customers fell like you want to sell them something. The best way of selling is giving people value not product in front of their faces. As you show them that sticking to you is viable for them they will definitely buy because you will become trustworthy in their eyes.

With Messenger chatbot you are able to do so. But you should be very careful not to endanger your customer trust.

Imagine this: if you see a notification above your Messenger icon you don’t expect it to be an advertisement. As a creator, you can make the most of it. The consumer is willing to open it because, as I said before, it’s what we do — it’s natural for us. You don’t have to be worry about range reductions or any open rate indicator. Each person incorporated in your bot will get a message and with highest probability — open it.

For now it’s excellent solution. But in the future? It depends on our sense of responsibility. If we overuse the trust we will pay the debts in few years or even few months time. The best we can do is stalking our consumers with content. You know AdBlock, don’t you. One wrong step with Messenger bot and we will for sure get this kind of solutions in Messenger.

We have the most powerful tool in our hands. Don’t we overuse it.

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