Simple steps how to hack influencer content campaign using Messenger

From craftsman to Messenger magician

We all know how significant social media are for influencers. It is thanks to social media that influencers can keep in touch with followers, extend their reach and give updates on issues they think are important.

Snaps, videos, posts…what about private messages? Most likely every influencer would like to be able to communicate with all their followers, but it seems impossible. It cannot be done on such a large scale! At least theoretically. But only in theory. Thanks to our Messenger based solution, an influencer is not only able to have a conversation with an unlimited number of followers at the same time, but is also able to run advertising campaigns all while maintaining personal relations with followers.


Aida Nikolaychuk is a ukranian vocalist, a YouTube influencer, and the winner of X Factor 3 in 2012.

She attracted attention by her interpretation of the song “Lullaby”, performed during the season 2 preliminary eliminations. Her performance was interrupted by jury members who suspected her of using playback.

They asked if she could sing acapella, which she did and gained great recognition. Aida gathered dozens of loyal followers from all over the world, who were determined to translate her videos into their own language. Even just now, all the versions of Aida’s famous casting video have over half a billion views!

Her’s is a Cinderella story of a relatively normal woman who takes the Ukranian and international music world by storm.


Aida asked for the support of MicroVentures, a specialist in crowdfunding campaign preparations and running, and they invited us to plan the Messenger promotion strategy.

We were looking for someone appropriate, who would help us aquire Aida’s fans willing to support her during the fund raising stage of her new album creation. We contacted Messenger Foxes, as they have stong experience with alternative methods of lead generating, and additionally have been working with influencers on a daily basis.

- says Maciej Półrolnik, Micro Ventures head Business Analyst

Thanks to this campaign Aida will be able to raise funds for her new solo album release. Our main task was to create a contact database of her fans and potential campaign supporters, all before the crowdfunding campaign begins. We believe that the best way to promote Aida is to give her fans something of real value. What is of the biggest value for a fan?Being able to get to know their favorite singer.


First of all- Aida. She’s the one around whom all the bot content spins. The quiz, which we created in cooperation with Aida, allows her fans to test their knowledge of their beloved singer. We all want to know as much as possible about or idols, don’t we. The next element is the Q&A section, where you can ask basic questions. Of course, you can’t miss the music player section and links to her social media. We also allow Aida’s fans to sign up for her album on preorder.

The Quiz


Music Player


Social Media

What proved super effective in our case.

First of all: CTA buttons applied to promoted post.

Second of all: emotions, emotions, and once again — emotions. A personal approach is key. If you show your fans commitment and gratitude, they will support and follow you to the end of the world.


#1 What to do to get new people involved in the bot?

It’s not easy to encourage people to interact, even when they get obvious value. So we came up with an idea to use connection between certain post comments and Messenger to direct automatically to the conversations where we can send whatever is currently needed.

#2 How to gather leads of potential supporters of Aida’s crowdfunding campaign?

Usually it’s about creating a landing page, where you can link social media, however it’s rather expensive. Inserting a link to the landing page directly into the bot allows us to reduce the cost for each user by about 10 times. In this way, we were able to increase the database from 200 to nearly 2000 users. The open rate also rose by 61% in comparison to the standard lead generation.


We were pleased to see that when the bot is tailored for a specific group of users, it brought surprising effects. In our wildest dreams, we did not expect to be able to reduce costs 10 times, while also generating nearly 10 times the leads in comparison to conventional methods.

A bunch of numbers:

Now we know it’s available for the asking. We were also surprised by the way people used the bot. Considering the fact that nowadays we have less and less time, and people rarely pay attention to anything besides the information flood on their Facebook wall, that is a significant milestone.

Not only for us, but also for mankind ;)

But that is not the end…

In the meantime we came up with an idea to broadcast simple message to Aida fans via Messenger with selfie and a text message: Have a nice week! Once again, the results were beyond our expectations. The fans started conversating with Aida in real time caused us thinking that the inbox had badly crashed. It definitely did not. That was just a hit of true fandom love ;)

I’m very pleased with the new solutions I got thanks to our cooperation that help me to be with my fans as close as never before. I cannot wait to see what will come next!

- says Aida Nikolaychuk

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