That underestimated CTA button — a guide to direct connection between a post on Facebook and conversation on Messenger

This is the first post from ”Our journey to $50,000 via Messenger” series.

We perfectly know the role of CTA buttons in marketing communication. Using them is as second nature as breathing. So why do we forget about them when they’re such a powerful tool in Social Media? That’s why — because they’re just so obvious (and second nature)!

Something so common can also be pretty easily forgotten. As we’re convinced that the simpler the solutions, the better the results, we have decided to implement „send message” CTA buttons every time we send a new post connected to the bot. Aida posts plenty of updates every day, so we could test CTA buttons quite well.

What was our prior goal? To make subscribers list as big as possible to arrange support for the crowdfunding campaign.

You should know that originally we hadn’t been so convinced, but we decided to let it be. We thought that even if we didn’t gain anything from this strategy, at least we wouldn’t lose anything. We expected nothing, and did it more to assure ourselves that even if we technically develop fast, we still remembered to try the good old basics.

Despite our doubts, CTR is now at approximately 12%, which we consider a success. To have or not to have 12% of Aida’s fan engaged in our Messenger chatbot campaign definitely isn’t a question for us

What’s the conclusion? Don’t ever underestimate the basics! ;)

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