The Hidden Treasure

Younus AlGohar
Messiah Foundation International
3 min readAug 17, 2015


Spirituality can practically take you to destinations beyond imagination.

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, ‘There is a hidden treasure in you, but you are not aware of it. Your illness is within you and its remedy also is within you, but you are not aware of it.’

People talk about cosmic energy, the cosmos and the solar system — but why limit yourself to just phraseology?

There is a hidden treasure in you: seven souls. There are seven cosmos and each soul, when enlightened and awakened, serves like a key to open before you the entire cosmos. With each enlightened and awakened soul, you can reach its respective cosmos. You can be there, feel it, see it, experience it, live there and accumulate all the energy there is.

God’s light (divine energy) is better than ordinary light and it has more speed than this light. When you have all your souls energised and empowered by divine energy, you will just close your eyes, think about the destination and in no time, your souls will be there. Your body will be sleeping in your bed and your souls will be roaming about. One of your souls may be in one cosmos and another soul may be in another cosmos.

You have seven souls in your body; from within these seven enlightened and awakened souls, another nine assistant souls appear. So then you will be sixteen in number. You are one, but there will be sixteen like you in you. Your body will be resting in bed and — when these sixteen souls in your body are free to travel — you will be at sixteen different places at one time. Some people will see you in Washington DC and others will say, ‘No, he was in Toronto,’ and some will say, ‘No, he was in Sydney.’

There was a Muslim saint called Mujaddid. Some people came to see him and they said, ‘We spotted you in Kaaba.’

He said, ‘I never went there.’

‘No? But we saw you.’

Another group came to visit him and said, ‘We saw you at the mosque of the Prophet in Medina,’

Another group said, ‘We saw you in Baghdad.’

He said, ‘I’ve never been to all these places.’

They said, ‘Who was it?’

He said, ‘Something inside me: my souls.’

If you revive and awaken them, you can be present simultaneously at sixteen different places. This is spirituality.

A Spiritual Master does not have to be in your physical company to guide you. You just call upon him and he can travel in a flash. The moment you think you need his help and you call him, he is there. His soul will travel faster than the speed of light because he has divine energy.

Now you are a free bird: you are sixteen in number. Even if your body dies, you don’t care; you are already flying around. This body is like a cage; but if there is no bird inside the cage, it’s useless. It is like bank account or wallet; if there is no money or values, in the account or in your wallet, it’s useless.

Every single human being on earth has these souls inside him/her. With this knowledge of spirituality, they can revive their spiritual senses, awaken their souls and become immortal forever.

If these souls are not awakened and they are unconscious when you die, this is a horrible death. It’s like a treasure ruined. Before you die, you need to set your souls free.

These souls are like birds. Set them free and each of your souls will go back to where they came from: a different cosmos.

Read more about the different souls and their functions in The Religion of God (Divine Love) by His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi.



Younus AlGohar
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