my medium puzzles

I’ve been playing around with medium for a day or two, checking out what others have done to try and understand what’s possible. I have seen a few things that I really like but can’t seem to figure out how to create myself. One such thing is the blur on scroll as seen at the top of some posts, collections, and profiles.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

Looking at the image above you can see that this does not happen. I thought maybe it only worked on collections but my experiments have not confirmed that.

I also wondered if it might have something to do with how far the scroll needs to go. I’ve played around with different size images, different colors (mostly light, mostly dark) etc..

update: I just noticed that on my main page the image IS blurring on scroll!!! see:

OK, here’s another behavior I’ve noticed: instead of the image blurring, the text on top of the image blurs out. Here is an example:

ok… I have somehow created an unplayable, undeletable video (above). Will try to add it again HERE:

Another fail. It appears to embed but won’t play.

Also… I’m periodically getting msgs that say “warning, post cannot be saved”. Well that sucks.

And this brings me to another question: how the heck do embeds work? So far, they only work for things like tweets for me. I tried to use the embed dohicky to embed the original post (the Medium FAQ post shown in above video). I followed these steps:

  • open another window and find the post I want to embed, in this case:
  • scroll to bottom and click the … and then choose “<> embed this story”
  • copy the resulting URL displayed.
  • return to this page & click the little plus sign where I want to embed and choose the <> option
  • paste the URL which gives me this:

<script async src=”"></script><a class=”m-story” data-collapsed=”true” href=”">Medium FAQ</a>

The same thing happens when I try to embed a vimeo video using the standard vimeo embed code. To get it to work I have to paste a stripped down url only. I sortof understand the rationale for medium doing it this way (so all you have to do is paste a URL) but since so many sites are set up to give you an embed code instead it makes for extra steps in most cases.