Come to your senses!!

… or don’t, it’s up to you


We were all taught, early in our lives, that humans - as do most of the animals - have five basic senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. Some would argue that there’s more, but that’s not important for this story. What’s important is that we have a limited number of senses (as many as you’d like).

Now, let assume that - in this Universe (or Multiverse, or whatever) - there are countless other life forms/species, etc. I know it’s a big assumption, but we need it to develop this story further 🙂.

Those countless life forms could - potentially - have other senses. Since there are many of them, that number should be close to ∞ (Infinity). So, the number of senses that are unknown to us (and animals), can be expressed in this formula:

I = P - n// P - Number of all possible senses (∞,Infinity) 
// n - Number of our senses
// I - Number of senses inaccessible to us
// A - Number of senses for some alien life form

Another assumption is that nothing exists outside P (i.e. number of senses of any life form out there should be a subset of P, number of all possible senses).


There are three possible scenarios here:

  1. A and n don’t intersect

The consequence of this scenario would be that there’s no way that entities that belong to A set can detect entities within n set, and vice-versa. That would also imply that there’s no way of communication between members of the two sets. Also, members of neither of the sets A and n can experience I (or J = P - A, for members of A).

2. A and n intersect

In this scenario, there’s an intersection C = n A, which means that members of two sets can - eventually - communicate (within the intersection area). This scenario would easily explain all extraterrestrial phenomena out there (UFOs, ghosts, etc.).

3. A contains n

In this scenario, members of A set (aliens) could be entirely aware of members of n set (us), while members of n set would be just partially aware of the members of A set. In addition to the implications of scenario #2, it would also mean that we’re completely at the mercy of aliens: they’re just more advanced/developed than us.


It’s been postulated by physics that there could be numerous other Worlds that could have entirely different sets of physical laws. By extension, those Worlds, with different physical laws, would also have different biological laws.

It’s quite possible - if we give our imagination a free reign - that there are entities out there that we cannot detect by our senses (or by the tools/machines that we’ve built). The room that you’re sitting in right now could be chock-full of other entities that you cannot detect.

Scary thought, isn’t it?


“The only person you can’t learn from is yourself” — Anonymous

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