An Inside Look at the MetaMedia Process

Middle schoolers work on producing their own original content at MetaMedia.

Middle schoolers from all over Evanston, Illinois flock to MetaMedia at the McGaw YMCA to become producers. But what does it really mean to be a producer?

The majority of middle schoolers all over the nation start out as consumers: reading funny Facebook posts, liking their friends’ Instagram pictures, competing in Super Smash Bros. tournaments or playing intense games of Minecraft.

MetaMedia, opened in the spring of 2015, is a joint effort by the YMCA, Northwestern University’s FUSE program, and Youth and Opportunity United. Its goal is to create a place for kids to hang out, mess around, and geek out. That geeking out aspect is where kids actually start to produce their own content rather than just consume. Kids, called Makers, get the chance to explore what they’re interested in. Think building their own computers, creating their own original beats, and designing and making their own clothing lines.

Sure, MetaMedia can post Makers’ content on its YouTube page, but what good is the final product if no one knows about the behind-the-scenes action?

MetaMedia is more than just the end result.

In fact, the process is the most important part.

This blog’s mission is to show that process. Aine and Kali, two MetaMedia navigators from Northwestern University, will post biweekly to spotlight different Makers and their projects. Check back every Monday and Thursday to learn about a new, unique journey.

Get ready to be blown away.

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