Make Your Own Video Game Controller

Makers listen and learn how to create controllers out of Makey-Makey.

A Y.O.U. group of about 12 Makers worked on an exciting project Thursday: making their own video controllers. I know, it sounds extremely advanced and almost impossible, but these innovative middle schoolers were able to complete the task using Makey Makey.

One group of boys’ “dope” controller.

What is Makey Makey, you ask?

This intriguing technology is comprised of a circuit board that sends electricity through conductive materials. With alligator clips, wires, tape, Play-Do, cardboard, aluminum foil, glue guns, and more, the Makers used the Makey Makey to create functional video game controllers.

“Compete against each other to make the dopest controller,” their workshop leader told them, and they delivered.

They then used their unique controllers to play a video game called VEX 2.

Even though only one group was able to successfully complete the task on time, everyone worked (almost) equally as hard, and everyone had a lot of fun.

When they weren’t singing songs or joking around, the Makers were cutting shapes out of cardboard, fiddling with wires and, most importantly, learning through trial and error.

Some Makers listen intently to one of their leaders.

It’s always exciting to watch a group master new skills while also enjoying each other’s company. I can’t wait to see what the Makers come up with next.

~ Aine

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