Announcing the Metablox Whitelist

Jun Loayza
Jan 5 · 5 min read

We are incredibly excited to announce the Metablox Whitelist!

The Challenges are now complete

First and foremost, we want to acknowledge and congratulate all of our trailblazing Neighbors that participated in our 2021 Challenges on our Discord.

Results of the Challenges:

  • 59 Neighbors won
  • 76 NFTs awarded

At launch, the NFTs will range in value from $100 - $500, depending on the Tier assigned to it.

Value of the challenges: This means that our top winner, jerod.eth, will own a minimum of $400 worth of NFTs (as he won 4 NFTs).

Growth as Mint pricing grows: In addition, as our first city (San Francisco) gets sold, the Mint pricing increases at each 10% interval.

Using jerod.eth as an example again, if he holds these 4 Tier-1 NFTs through Phase 6 of San Francisco, the NFT value will grow to $759 each, for a total of $3,036 (for 4 NFTs).

If the random NFTs assigned to jerod.eth are instead Tier 3, then the value of his NFTs will grow to a total of $9,112.

The Metablox Whitelist gives access to the MVP

We aim to launch the MVP of Metablox within 30 days — targeting an early February launch.

How NFT pricing work for the MVP

This is important.

At our full launch (after the MVP), the normal pricing for a Blox (what we call our NFTs) will increase by 50% at each 10% interval that San Francisco is sold.

The result is pricing that behaves like this:

Therefore, if you want to buy a Tier 1 Blox when 30% of San Francisco is sold (Phase 4), then you’ll need to pay $338.

However, for the MVP, all Neighbors can reserve to mint Blox at the base Phase 1 price.

This means that the earliest Neighbors will get the absolute best pricing for the Blox in San Francisco.

Return for being early

Our first city (San Francisco) will contain ~5,000 Blox. This means that the earlier that you are, the likelier that you will be able to own a Blox.

It is a strong possibility that all of the Blox will be fully reserved during the MVP

During the MVP, a Neighbor can reserve up to 3 Blox per email.

If a Neighbor reserves 3 Tier-3 Blox, then it will cost them $900 when they’re available to mint.

If the Neighbor holds the 3 Tier-3 Blox until Phase 4, then the value of their Blox will increase to $3,039 — for a >3x increase.

Benefits for being early

In addition to asset appreciation, you’ll start to earn MetaRent once you’re able to mint your reserved Blox.

MetaRent will be used for a Myriad of uses, the most valuable of which is to bid on the rarest NFTs in Metablox — the Landmarks.

We will soon announce our Tokenomics for Metablox as well, revolving around MemoryCoin. Our earliest neighbors will be the first to be able to mine Memory Coin.

How to get on the Metablox Whitelist

As you can see above, there is a strong benefit for getting in early. There are several Statuses to the Whitelist, each with greater and greater benefits.

Here is the public tracker for the Whitelist.

How to claim your Status

Once you have completed the requirements for the Status, message Kevin Cong on Discord in the #claim-status channel.

🙂 Status 1

Requirement: Reach Level 5 on the Leaderboard AND follow Metablox, Jun, and Yu-kai on Twitter

Reward: Early access to the MVP in order to reserve Blox before others

Reward cap: 1,000 Neighbors

Question: What if more than 1,000 Neighbors complete this requirement?

Answer: We will accept the first 1,000 Neighbors to complete this requirement into the Whitelist

😀 Status 2

Requirement: Invite 2 people total to Discord who reach Level 1

Question: If I have already invited people to the Discord, do they count?

Answer: Yes. If you have already invited people to the Discord, you can claim them as your invites. To count towards this Status, please have them message Kevin Cong in the #claim-status channel, letting Kevin know that you invited them.

Reward: More reservations per email. Normal is 3 reservations per email — with Status 2, it’s 6 reservations per email

Reward cap: 500 Neighbors

😁 Status 3

Requirement: Reach Level 10

Question: Can I skip straight to Status 3?

Answer: No, you must first complete Statuses 1 and 2 to get to Status 3

Reward: Mint all of the Blox that you reserved at a 50% discount

Reward cap: 250 Neighbors

😎 Status 4

Requirement: Invite 5 people total to Discord who reach Level 3

Reward: Get a random Blox <= Tier 3 for free

Reward cap: 100 Neighbors

👸🤴Status 5

Requirement: Reach Level 15 AND invite 10 people total to Discord who reach Level 5

Reward: Get a random Blox >= Tier 3 AND a random drop of MemoryCoin

Question: Can you tell us more about MemoryCoin?

Answer: We will soon publish a full blog post about our Tokenomics, but in short, MemoryCoin will be the Metablox Token that is available on exchanges. The only way to get MemoryCoin is to mine it by owning a Blox. More details to come soon.

Reward cap: 25 Neighbors

Duration of the Whitelist

The Whitelist closes officially on January 31st, 2022. But keep in mind, there is a cap on the available rewards.

Launch is imminent. We look forward to growing Metablox together and preserving humanity’s most important memories.


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