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Get ready to Mint: Bridge ETH to MATIC

The Metablox Mint is scheduled for Monday, May 23rd. The next series of blog posts will help you get ready.

It’s important to prepare now

You may think you’re ready because you have ETH or MATIC in your MetaMask Wallet right now; however, you likely have the ERC-20 tokens, which do not work for Minting.

Why won’t my ETH or MATIC work?

Specifically, your ERC-20 tokens won’t work.

We built Metablox on the Polygon chain; for this reason, only wETH or MATIC on the Polygon chain will work for Minting.

Why did we build on Polygon?

We built on Polygon in order to increase transaction speeds and minimize gas fees.

How to bridge your Ethereum to Polygon

We recommend two ways to bridge your Ethereum to Polygon:

  1. Using Polygon Web Wallet
  2. Using OpenSea

Important: We have found that once you initiate the transaction, bridging can take >30 minutes.

How to bridge tokens from Ethereum to Polygon using Polygon Web Wallet




How to bridge tokens from Ethereum to Polygon using OpenSea




Message us on Discord

Even the Polygon network can be throttled by high usage. If you have challenges bridging your ETH to MATIC, then shoot us a message on Discord and we will help:

We’re here to help.




Metablox is the bridge between the real world and the virtual world. We believe real life memories matter and that they should be preserved forever on the blockchain.

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Jun Loayza

Jun Loayza

Founder of Metablox — own real world places as NFTs, powered by real life memories.

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