How to create more welcoming engagement on Discord

Jun Loayza
Jan 8 · 3 min read

Kill two birds with one stone

In this post, you will learn about a technique that accomplishes the following:

  1. For newer Servers: get the conversations started
  2. For busy Servers: organize conversations in a way that invites new members to be encouraged to participate

The challenges

All Discord Servers want more members, more conversations, stronger retention.

But the challenges between a new server and an established server are quite different.

New Servers

If you’re a new Server, then you’re just desperate for participation and engagement.

Many people recommend that you start conversations by adding topics or asking questions in a channel, which works, but if it works well, then those questions will quickly get lost in the channel.

Busy Servers

Busy Servers have so much conversation that it can be intimidating for new members. Comments are happening so fast that it makes it impossible to follow a conversation; many newcomers shy away from posting because they don’t know where to jump in and what to talk about.

The solution — Threads

Threads on our Discord

When I first used Discord, I wondered,

Why don’t they just let anyone thread everything?

You know, like how Slack does it.

It seemed strange to me that an admin needs to proactively initiate which comments can become a thread. And that a thread expires after a certain period of inactivity.

But, I finally figured it out.

Use Threads to kickoff topics

Check out the screenshot above. Like many Servers, we have Channels where users have discussions about those topics.

For example, we have an “Investing” Channel where investors can discuss all of their wins and losses. In the past, I’ve added questions or topics to the Channel successfully, but after a few comments, I’ve noticed that it quickly becomes difficult for new users to get the full context of the question or topic, making them hesitant to jump in.

To solve this, we now kickstart a topic in a Channel by creating a Thread.

In the screenshot above, we created the “Good Investment Moves” thread, where we discussed the biggest wins people had in 2021.

The benefits

Investors can always come in and post on the Investment Channel, but by creating a specific Topic Thread, it encourages investors to focus their attention on that specific topic in full context, making it easier to jump into the conversation.

Why should Threads expire?

I wondered about this as well.

But after using threads for a while now, it really is a great benefit that they expire on their own after a period of no new engagement:

  1. It keeps the Server clean by archiving Threads that no longer have engagement
  2. It gives more of an incentive to engage now because this is a limited time thread that will be archived later

Some tips for better Threading

  1. Keep the Thread Name short and sweet so that it fits neatly in the left-hand nav bar
  2. Run challenges or giveaways through threads — check out the screenshot below of a recent challenge we posted

Hope this helps. Hit me up on Twitter and link me to your Discord so that I can see how you’re using Threads.

And learn more about Metablox at our own Discord.


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