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How Waitlist Minting works

Hi Neighbors!

This is an important post. It’s about how Minting will work if you’re on the Waitlist for a Blox.

Check out this screenshot from the Waitlist confirmation email

See the section:

# of people in front of you on the waitlist:

It communicates that the Waitlist will be sequential; however, that is NOT how it will work at launch.

How the Waitlist will work at launch

Here is how launch will work:

  1. During the first 48 hours after launch, Reservation holders will get the opportunity to Mint their reserved Blox.
  2. Once those 48 hours are over, the Reserved Blox will open up to ALL Waitlist holders. You read that right — it will open to ALL Waitlist holders.
  3. Waitlist holders get 24 hours to Mint the Blox.
  4. After those 24 hours, the Blox is released for public Minting.

What this means for you if you’re on a Waitlist

This means that the Waitlist is not sequential — it doesn’t matter where you are in the line; all Waitlist holders will get a chance to Mint at the same time.

The Waitlist opens at 6am PST/9am EST on Wednesday, May 25th.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the following:



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