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Metablox Minting and beyond

Neighbors, we have super exciting times ahead.

This post will first cover our plans for Minting, which is our number 1 priority.

In addition, I want to cover some ideas/features in the roadmap to get your feedback and start onboarding those that are interested in getting early access to these new features.


First and foremost, we are on track to Mint the 4th week of April. Minting will tentatively happen on Tuesday, April 26th.

This week (the week of April 11th) will be an important week of testing. If the tests work out well, then we’ll be fully on track. However, if the testing turns up a lot of bugs, then we will need to push the Minting back a week to the 1st week of May.

What is the status of reservations?

As of Sunday (4/10), we have the following reservations in San Francisco and Miami:

If all reserved Blox are Minted, then both San Francisco and Miami will land in Phase 3 pricing of a city.

Read this blog post to understand the different scenarios during Minting.

Preparation for Minting

We are doing the following to prepare for Minting:

  1. Many of our reservation holders are not active on Discord. I am therefore personally sending emails to everyone who has made a reservation to make sure they’re aware of Minting.
  2. We are preparing a Stripe integration so that our Neighbors without crypto wallets can use fiat to Mint and store the NFT in our Metablox custodial wallet. These Neighbors will be able to transfer the NFT from the Metablox wallet to their own wallet when they’re ready.
  3. We need Mint testers. If you’d like to help us test Minting, please ping me on the Discord and I’ll invite you to our private #mint-testing channel.

More emotional and personal Memories

First and foremost, I want to congratulate our engineers for working so hard to launch the MVP version of our features. And I want to thank our Neighbors for using these features in their MVP-state, with an understanding that it’s still early, there may be bugs, and the user experience needs to be greatly improved.

How do people consume information?

This poll may be a bit biased because it’s on Twitter, but it’s at least a data point:

The comment section is real good too. Here are some comments that stand out:

I love this theme of movement. It’s important because our vision is to utilize Augmented Reality (AR) to immerse Neighbors into the culture of a city by experiencing the most important memories that happen in that city.

We believe this idea of “movement” is tied to AR, traveling, and experiencing cultures.

The above comment highlights the theme of “efficiency”, that reading is more efficient than listening to a podcast or watching a video.

I agree, I read faster than I can watch a video, but is efficiency the goal when experiencing a memory? Is efficiency the goal when you walk around a museum to experience the history and artwork?

By the way Gustavo, I love and appreciate your feedback, and my goal is not to attack your feedback. I just want to highlight it as it’s important and it ties into this idea of experiencing the emotions of a memory.

How to make memories more emotional?

I love This American Life — it’s a podcast that brings everyday stories to life. I’m fascinated with the concept of using audio to make memories come to life — almost like an audio guide in a museum.

Check out this memory by Hofit Golan on Metablox:

How do you feel when reading the memory?

Now listen to the memory here:

Does the memory feel different when comparing reading vs listening? I’d love your feedback.

Scaling to new cities

Our goal is to hit 10 cities this year. To achieve this, we need help from our Neighborhood to draw the Blox in their city.

Yes, that’s correct, to manually draw the Blox in a city — this is not for the faint of heart.

What it takes to draw Blox?

We have built an internal tool to draw Blox in a city.

Note: We tried many APIs to automatically draw Blox on a city, but ultimately there wasn’t a highly reliable way to automatically scale this.

From the experience of drawing San Francisco and Miami, it takes a person 4 weeks to draw about 4,000 Blox in a city.

Why draw Blox in a city?

If you choose to step up for your city and draw the Blox, then you will get the following benefits:

  1. A Tier-5 Blox of your choice gifted to you
  2. Ability to be the first person that Mints your city
  3. City pioneer status: we will feature your profile on and on the Discord as the pioneer of your city
  4. Metablox Coin (the amount TBD)

Apply to draw your city

If you’d like to apply to draw your city, then hit me up on the #apply channel on our Discord.

Scaling memories

Many of our Neighbors do not have memories in San Francisco or Miami. In order to start scaling memories earlier, we’re going to create a feature that allows Neighbors to add Memories to anywhere in the world.

Here is the plan (subject to change and will be implemented AFTER Minting):

  1. To get allowlisted to add Memories, it will cost 1,000 MetaRent
  2. Adding Memories will cost 10 MetaRent each
  3. You will be able to add a Memory anywhere in the world (the Memory does not yet belong to a Blox)
  4. Once the city is launched and the Blox is created, if you have a Memory on that Blox, you will be given the ability to Mint it first

This feature will take some time to develop. We plan to build it after Minting.

As you can see, a lot of great features are coming. Let’s work hard to have a successful Mint together!

Metablox is the bridge between the real world and the virtual world. We believe real life memories matter and that they should be preserved forever on the blockchain.

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