Metablox update (Dec 2021)

Jun Loayza
Dec 28, 2021 · 3 min read

Happy holidays everyone! We have some updates that will surely excite anyone who has won a Metablox NFT through our Discord.

And if you haven’t won an NFT yet, it’s not too late. Go to our Discord to participate in our challenges and win an NFT!

Pre-seed investment round

We have begun raising our pre-seed investment round. YCC from our Discord is leading the round 💪. If you’re interested in investing, shoot me an email at jun [at]

We hired a UX Designer

We’re excited to announce that we hired a UX Designer who is a beast — not only is he a great designer, but has an amazing work ethic 🦁.

The MVP is on track for the end of January

Our immediate goal is to launch the MVP at the end of January.

The MVP will specifically allow our early adopters to reserve Blox on our platform using their email.

Why use emails for reservations?

The biggest reason is to launch faster. The Smart Contract work will continue through February, which will allow users to connect their wallet and purchase a Blox.

Some mocks of the product

Note: These are still early mocks and will evolve before going to market.

City UI

Total Blox available: At each 10% interval that a city is sold, the price to Mint a Blox increases by 1.5x.

For example, in Phase 1 (the initial phase), a Tier 1 Blox costs $100 to Mint. In Phase 2 (after 10% of the city is sold), a Tier 1 Blox costs $150 to Mint.

Blox availability by Tier: There are 5 Blox Tiers: 1 is the most common Blox and 5 is the rarest Blox. Tier 1 Blox are the most inexpensive to Mint, but generate the least MetaRent; Tier 5 Blox are the most expensive to Mint, but generate the most MetaRent.

Blox colors: In this mock, red = Blox is reserved; green = Blox is available. The goal is to visually communicate to users the availability of a Blox.

We will not visually communicate the Tier of the Blox (at least not in the MVP), which means that finding the rarest Blox (Tier 5 and Tier 4) will be like a scavenger hunt.

Blox UI

Blox number: The Blox represents a city block that contains many addresses. Neighbors will be able to spend MetaRent to name their Blox.

Generation and Level: The Generation is the number of owners that this Blox has had*. In order to level up, a Neighbor must Root Memories and receive Memory Marks (get the full details in our White Paper).

* Specifically, the number of owners that have completed a full generation (leveling up the Blox 5 times).

MetaRent Earn Rate: Each Blox generates MetaRent. Tier 5 Blox generate the most MetaRent, while Tier 1 generate the least. Leveling up and new Generations increase MetaRent.

Each Blox also has a Max MetaRent storage capacity. The Blox will continue to earn MetaRent until the storage is full — to continue earning MetaRent after the storage is full, a Neighbor must collect the MetaRent.

Minting price: This is the price to Mint the Blox (once it becomes available for purchase at the end of February). Neighbors can purchase a Blox using ETH, MATIC, or USDT (we are considering debit card payments as well).

Reserve: When we launch the MVP, Neighbors can make a reservation via email. When the Blox is ready to be purchased, we will email the Neighbor. The Neighbor has 48 hours to purchase the Blox — once 48 hours has passed, the Blox becomes available for anyone to purchase.

2022 is going to be a big year! Best way to join the community and keep up with the progress is to join our Discord. See you there neighbor.


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