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New account and mobile launches

Neighbors! Lots of small, but important launches. The goal of this post is to consolidate all of these launches and communicate the value of each one.

Let’s go!

User Account Profiles

It’s such a simple feature, but it’s so important for the growth of the product. Here are the important features that the User Account Profiles unlock:

2 Factor Authentication

Enable 2 Factor Authentication immediately (haha, I need to enable it myself judging from the screenshot above).

Why? Here is a useful post explaining 2FA and why it’s important: What is 2FA?

My Blox

Use the My Blox to check and make sure that you have the right Blox reserved and the right Blox awarded to you.

If you have received a Blox as an award from a challenge on our Discord, then the details should read “Giveaway award”.

Mobile improvements

Find my Blox and MetaRent collection are now available on mobile.

What’s next?

Three big launches are coming up in the next month:

  1. Adding Memories (under an allowlist)
  2. The Metablox Discord app
  3. Minting

To get all of the updates, make sure to join our Discord.

Together, we’ll achieve our mission of preserving humanity’s most important memories.

Question for you

We are considering special perks for Landmark owners. An idea we have is an annual retreat for Landmark holders to meet each other and celebrate life together (and of course create memories together).

Question: What kind of perks would you like to see for Landmark owners?

Metablox is the bridge between the real world and the virtual world. We believe real life memories matter and that they should be preserved forever on the blockchain.

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Jun Loayza

Founder of Metablox — own real world places as NFTs, powered by real life memories.

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