Revealing the Metablox game mechanics

Jun Loayza
Dec 3, 2021 · 5 min read

Drumroll please…

Since announcing Metablox two weeks ago, two questions keeps coming up in our Discord:

1. What makes a home valuable?

2. Why would I buy a home where I don’t have any memories?

These are critical questions that I aim to answer today with this blog post.

Introducing the three Metablox neighbor-types

In order to answer the questions above, we must first understand the three types of people that will use Metablox:

The Nostalgic Neighbor

The Nostalgic Neighbor will buy homes on Metablox because that home has meaning to them — they have memories in or near that home/community and they want to preserve those memories forever on the blockchain. I wrote about this neighbor-type in detail in this blog post: Utility in an NFT.

The Museum Curator

The Museum Curator takes pride in crafting a narrative, a story, an aesthetic with their collection. People collect comic books, NFT art, items on their Pinterest Board, and in Metablox, Neighbors will collect memories.


  • The Museum Curator buys a whole block in Metablox. They take great care to collect meaningful memories from people that have either lived there, or that have traveled to that location as a tourist. Similarly how some people collect sets of NFT artwork, the Museum Curator will collect the best memories in a community and preserve them forever on the blockchain.
  • The Museum Curator buys a landmark, like the Golden Gate Bridge, and becomes the sole curator of what memories will be added to this landmark forever. Landmarks will have the highest volume of memories, and likeliest some of the most meaningful memories from people around the world. As the Museum Curator of a landmark, you single-handedly determine what memories will forever be tied to the most valuable places in Metablox.

The Real Estate Mogul

The Real Estate Mogul seeks to buy as much property as possible in order to buy the most valuable places in Metablox (more on this later in the blog post).

By buying up properties (even though they don’t have memories in them), the Real Estate Mogul can amass a lot of MetaRent in order to buy landmarks — the most valuable places in Metablox.

Landmarks in Metablox

Why are landmarks the most valuable places in Metablox:

  1. Landmarks are the most scarce
  2. Landmarks are the most well-known
  3. Landmarks have the most memories

How will landmarks be sold: Landmarks will be sold when specific criteria are met in a city. For example, after 10% of a city is sold out, a landmark will be made available to purchase.

How will Neighbors buy landmarks: Landmarks will be bought through an auction. The ONLY way to bid in the auction and buy a landmark in Metablox is with MetaRent.

This is key.

People CANNOT buy landmarks with crypto or fiat.

The ONLY way to buy landmarks is with MetaRent.

Can landmarks be sold once they are owned: Yes, absolutely. Once you own a landmark, you can sell it for ETH.


There will be several uses for MetaRent that are outlined in detail in our White Paper (available 12/6).

For this blog post, we will focus on two aspects: how to collect MetaRent and how to buy landmarks with it.

How to collect MetaRent

MetaRent can be collected in two ways:

  1. By owning homes: The home Tier, Level, and Generation (all explained in detail in the White Paper) determine the amount MetaRent that the home generates.
  2. By winning Memory Bounties: Place owners can put a bounty to receive memories from people. For example, I can put up a bounty of 1,000 MetaRent for anyone that submits a memory near my home. If I accept the memory, then the submitter get 1,000 in MetaRent.

How to buy landmarks with MetaRent

Landmarks will be sold in an auction. The Neighbor or Collective (this is key) that bid the most MetaRent win the landmark.

Early MetaRent adopters will collect a lot of MetaRent: MetaRent is earned on a daily basis for owning a home. We are giving out NFT homes through our Discord right now. These Neighbors will immediately start collecting MetaRent once we launch next year.

Real Estate Moguls with the most homes will collect the most MetaRent: The more NFT homes that you own, the more MetaRent that you collect. There will also be bonuses for owning an entire block, a collection set (all the homes on Lombard Street for example), or an entire community (ZIP Code).

Individuals can form a Collective to outbid the Moguls: Real Estate Moguls will have the most MetaRent; therefore, won’t they own all of the landmarks?

Not necessarily.

Individual Neighbors can form a Collective to band together and outbid a Real Estate Mogul.

For example, I can team up with 100 other Neighbors to form a Collective. We each bid 1,000 MetaRent for the Golden Gate Bridge. Although, my individual contribution of 1,000 MetaRent is not enough to outbid a Real Estate Mogul, together, our Collective is 100,000 MetaRent strong.

Fractional ownership for landmarks: If a Collective purchases a landmark, then the landmark will have fractional ownership: the % owned is equal to the % of your bid.

Is Metablox an asset or a game?

I absolutely love what crypto games such as Axie Infinity and Geno Pets are doing. I love it, but I would never play them.

Honestly, I just don’t have time to play games. I don’t even have time to play my Switch at home.

We’re building Metablox for people like me, that want to own NFT assets that appreciate in value and that have utility in the real world.

We won’t have cute little characters or artwork to collect

Characters and artwork are simply not a part of our core product nor our mission. Instead, memories are what will give our platform meaning.

Landmarks are the rare items to collect

Landmark owners will hold the most valuable places in Metablox. Imagine being the owner of the Seven Wonders of the World:

  1. Great Wall of China
  2. Chichén Itzá El Castillo
  3. Petra
  4. Machu Picchu
  5. Christ the Redeemer
  6. Colosseum
  7. Taj Mahal

And the sole decision maker about what memories these landmarks will hold forever on the blockchain.

If you believe in what we’re building, then right now is the time to start collecting MetaRent. Go to our Discord to win NFT homes right now.

See you later neighbor.


Own real world places as NFTs, powered by real life memories.