The Metablox Mission, Vision, and Values

Jun Loayza
Dec 1, 2021 · 6 min read

As we’re building Metablox, it’s quite easy to get distracted by new ideas that sound exciting in the moment.

For example, at the recommendation of a Neighbor in our Inner Circle on Discord, I listened to the recent a16z podcast about Play-to-Earn Gaming:

It’s a fantastic episode about how games such as Axie Infinity are creating a new way to game, where players take part in a real economy and can earn a living through playing.

This activated my brain to begin thinking about all of the ways that we could make Metablox more game-like, to create incentives to check on your home everyday, to customize your home, and to even have NPCs that live in the neighborhood, where a player can use MetaRent to feed and clothe them.

To be honest, my ideation turned so game-like that the ideas started to feel like — a fantastic game where users can buy, sell, and trade virtual property that’s mapped to the real world. So, at the surface level, Metablox and Upland seem quite similar, but in reality, the products are starkly different (and that’s a good thing for us and Upland).

The Metablox Mission

Our mission is critical to keep us driving forward in a unified direction.

Our mission is to preserve humanity’s most important memories.

As we build new features and expand the roadmap, we need to ask ourselves, “Is this new feature aligned with our mission?” If no, then we should not prioritize it.

Why do we want to preserve humanity’s most important memories?

We believe memories are the foundation for who we are today. It’s an opportunity to build empathy, learn, grow, and feel something for another human being.

Let me give you an example. In our Discord, Neighbors are now sharing their most important memories on a daily basis. Here is one from lu_night27:

Time: Summer 1990

Where: 25km west from Moscow, Russia

Me and my family (dad, mum, gran and my 6 months old sister) are in a rented countryhouse. Weekdays mum takes care of us — the kids- and dad and gran take the train back to Moscow for work. This photo was taken on one of hot summer days, on the weekend, I assume. That’s my dad, 24, throwing me, 4yo, in the air. That was our habitual game when I was a little kid and I still remember that mixture of excitement and fear, that rapid alternation of emotions: terrified-relieved-scared-excited… I wonder if this experience formed me as a person — I am quite adventurous, and still go very fast from stress to relief and the other way round

What I know for sure I really enjoyed that connection with dad. To be honest that was not a happy serene summer at all. When I grew up mum told me that summer was a disaster for her. She was stressed taking care of her new baby and me all on her own while others were at work. Once I argued with her, took my bike and rode away who knows where. Dad arrived from work and eventually found me on his way from the train station to the coutryhouse

Surprisingly, I don’t have it in my memories. All I remember from that time is happiness, heat, myself standing bare feet in a spring, looking at the numerous forget-me-not flowers and … that short breathtaking feeling of freedom while soaring in the air.

What a beautiful memory. This is what we want to preserve — and not just add it to a crypto wallet, but to tie it to an address, a physical location on this planet, so that it lives on for generations.

The Metablox Vision

Our vision is where we want to be in 10 years if all goes well. What will the Metablox product become?

Our vision is to build a meaningful bond between the metaverse and the physical world by anchoring real-life memories and virtual assets to real-world locations that are owned by people.

Imagine walking the streets of San Francisco and using Augmented Reality to relive the most important memories of the people that lived in the community that you’re standing in. That’s experiencing history; that’s building empathy for those that came before you.

The Metablox Values

Although our team is small, it’s critical to have Core Values to unify the team and set the right expectations for why we do what we do.

1. Authenticity

We aim to be comfortable in our own skin, to proudly be who we truly are. Furthermore, we accept that we are flawed and welcome feedback from our Neighbors, which is why our White Paper will live on Google Docs, giving everyone the ability to comment on it and give us feedback.

Memories are a medium to be authentic. Memories are what make a home meaningful, which is why the NFT addresses on Metablox are powered by memories.

2. Growth

NFT addresses in Metablox must have lasting value, they must grow in value in order for Neighbors to benefit from the appreciation. And this growth of the asset doesn’t come from just squatting on it; rather, the most valuable assets will be those where the owner has worked hard to level them up. In Metablox, an NFT will grow in value as the owner unlocks Memory Slots and adds new memories.

The Core Value of Growth extends to our Discord, where we believe in the growth of the individual. This means not only financial growth, but personal and professional growth as well.

3. Impact

We aim to make a positive impact on our Neighbors by valuing the offline, the real world experiences where we create memories. While many fun, engaging Web3 games hook a player into the world and create triggers for daily active use, we aim to motivate our Neighbors to go out into the real world and make new memories.

In practice, this means focusing on making memories as meaningful as possible and deprioritizing efforts that are pure game-like in design for the sake of entertainment.

4. Community

Metablox is not a me vs them; instead, Metablox is a place to join with fellow neighbors in preserving the most important memories in your community.

We will accomplish this in several ways, including:

Communal power ups: Communities in Metablox can join together to benefit all homes in the area. For example, if all homes in a block or ZIP Code are Minted and have a memory, then all of the homes get a boost that increases their MetaRent.

Generational memories: Each Generation of home ownership has a cap to the number of levels it can increase. In order to level up further, a new owner must take over and add a new Generation of memories.

If what we’re building excites you, then come join our Discord. We look forward to having you join us as a neighbor.


Own real world places as NFTs, powered by real life memories.