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The Metablox team takes on New York!

Monday, June 20th

Outside our Airbnb, ready to take on New York (Blox #2393
Hanging out with friends (Blox #2845
Bleeker Street Pizza (Blox #749
Probably my favorite picture from the whole trip — Outside the Friend’s apartment with the Metablox team (Blox #501

Tuesday, June 21st

Where the Metablox team caught a very spacious Uber (Blox #2362
Where the Metablox team ate street food (Blox #892

Do we really have to pay for conferences?

New York Marriott Marquis (Blox #2857
Arcadia Earth, where we met Steve Aoki! (Blox #2629
At the Kumite event at Mr. Purple in New York (Blox #2677

Wednesday, June 22nd

Yu-kai drinking the best tap water in the world at the Butcher’s Daughter (Blox #467
The Webacy event (Blox #467
At the New York CEO Happy Hour (Blox #2413
Dinner at Miss Korea BBQ (Blox #2538
Samantha and Dara exploring NY; Joe with the founder of Nyan Cat at the Turf event (Blox #2783



Metablox is the bridge between the real world and the virtual world. We believe real life memories matter and that they should be preserved forever on the blockchain.

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