Memories in my mom’s childhood home in Lima, Peru

Utility in an NFT

Jun Loayza
Nov 22 · 6 min read

As kids, my brother and I traveled to Lima, Peru to visit family during our Christmas vacations. It was the highlight of every year for me.

We spent time with my grandparents, caught up with cousins, ate delicious Japanese and Peruvian food —I wish we could have stayed at my mom’s childhood home forever.

Jay (brother), Tía Emilia (Aunt), Emi (cousin), and me

But sadly, we can’t even visit it anymore.

Over a decade ago, my uncle sold his childhood home to a developer who built a condominium on top of the land.

The condo sitting on top of the old home. Google Maps shows an image dating back to only 2013

Above you can see where my mom’s childhood home used to be. You can still see the beautiful tree that sits outside on the sidewalk.

My brother and I walking Tama and Koro on the exact same spot as seen in Google Maps

Here’s my brother and me standing in that same spot as Google Maps shows. You can see that same wonderful tree on the top right of the photograph.

Lost memories

Not even Google has the memories of my mom’s childhood home. Those memories currently live on in physical photographs at my uncle’s new home in Lima.

Tío Roly and me sitting in the backyard of the old home in Lima, Peru

It’s like the movie Coco — the memories currently live on within the people that lived it.

I want to remember all of the moments in that home

But can’t we just upload pictures to Google, Facebook, or Instagram to save the memories?

This is true. You can upload all of your pictures to a tech platform. But, what we aim to accomplish with Metablox is different:

  1. The tech platform owns your photos — you don’t
  2. The tech platforms are a way to store and archive ALL of your photos, not just your fondest memories
  3. The photos can be searched by location, but it doesn’t belong to the location

Wait. So are you going to build the blockchain equivalent of Google Photos?

Absolutely not.

We are not in the business of competing with Google Photos or any other platform to store photos (like Dropbox).

Instead, our mission is to tie your fondest memories (only a few photos that mean the world to you) to a location that you own so that your memories will live on for generations.

But why not just use Instagram and search by location?

Instagram does have the functionality to search by location, but the product is inherently different.

San Isidro, Lima, Peru on Instagram
  1. Core product matters: The core product of Instagram is the recommendation feed of photos/videos that may interest you. The search-by-location feature is definitely not part of the core product.
  2. Who can post matters: On IG, anyone can post a photo to anywhere; on Metablox, only NFT owners in that community can post a memory. This makes NFT ownership and memory-posting more meaningful.
  3. Quantity of uploads matter: On IG, you can post as many photos as you want; on Metablox, you are limited by the number of memory slots* available to you.

*In order to unlock a memory slot, you must spend Metarent. Metarent can only be obtained by owning a Metablox NFT.

We’re not looking to replace IG, but want to point out that Metablox is inherently different and has a unique value proposition — generational memories.

Utility in an NFT — generational memories

In its current state, it’s hard to find NFTs that give you actual utility. We aim to change this with Metablox through generational memories.

I’m all about building on top of the generations that came before me. For example, I believe building generational wealth is critically important. I’m not touching my BTC or ETH; instead, I will pass it on to my children so that they can use it to build their own wealth.

Likewise, I believe that the utility in Metablox comes from building generational memories.

I will buy my mom’s childhood property in Lima, Peru on Metablox and infuse it with our memories. I aim to do the same for our old apartment in the Mission in San Francisco and my childhood home in Westminster, CA. In the future, my children may take over my NFTs on Metablox, or we can sell it to other people so that they can add to the generational memories.

But what’s to stop me from using Metablox like Dropbox or Instagram?

A lot actually.

  1. Uploading photos on Metablox will be heavily restricted. When you mint a home, you will have access to a memory slot. In order to get more memory slots, you need to use Metarent**.
  2. In order to upload photos to the blockchain, you need to spend ETH. This ETH will be used for the gas fee (and we’re building on Polygon, so we expect the fee to be minimal).

**An owner collects Metarent by owning a home in Metablox. It is not possible to purchase Metarent with fiat or cryptocurrencies — the only way to get Metarent is by owning a home in Metablox.

As you can see, these barriers make it impossible to use Metablox to store all of your photos.

What if someone bought my childhood home before I was able to?

Yes, we expect this will happen. It’s quite similar to how anyone can buy a domain or reserve a Twitter handle before you can.

First off, I will admit that if someone buys my childhood in Westminster, CA before I can, then I will be sad.

However, it’s not the end of the world. There are several options available to all of us:

  1. You can offer to purchase the home from the owner. It is of course up to the owner to accept your offer or not.
  2. Buy the neighboring home or at least a home in the same community (same ZIP Code). Metablox is a place where you and your community are not competing; rather, you’re in this together. You can upload memories to the entire community. As your community levels up, your home in that community levels up as well.

Tying the virtual world to the real world

Our vision is to tie the virtual world with the real world.

Imagine that you traveled to Lima, Peru. You open the Metablox app on your phone and open up the camera. As you pan around the city, you can see the most important memories of other people.

And, if you walk by my mom’s childhood home on Roca De Vergallo, you will be able to see her childhood memories. They will continue to live on in the metaverse.

Tío Roly at his childhood home (Left — 2001; Right — 2021)

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