Why Dave Chappelle should buy a Metablox NFT

Jun Loayza
Dec 2, 2021 · 4 min read

I love Dave Chappelle. I was watching some videos of him on YouTube when I came across a video where he described a griot — and I thought:

This is exactly what we’re trying to accomplish with Metablox.

Relevant part starts at the 5:00 minute mark.

How Dave described a griot:

A griot was a person in Africa who was charged with keeping the stories of the village. Everyone would tell a griot the stories and they would remember them all so that they could tell future generations. When they got old, they would tell them to someone else. And they say in Africa, when a griot dies, it’s like a library was burned down.

Who is the storyteller in your community?

For me, it was my father.

As a child, my father would tell me stories about “las adventuras de Jorgito (the adventures of Jorgito)”. I remember them all so vividly, as if I was the little boy in the stories going on all of those adventures.

There was the story about the time Jorgito and his best friend skipped school to ride the train to the beach. But they didn’t have money to ride, so they had to sneak on while the train was moving and hold on to the tail of the train for dear life. The conductor kicked them off before they made it to the beach, but it was one hell of a ride.

There was the story about the time Jorgito and his cousin snuck into a construction zone and played “Superman”. They climbed to the top of a roof and jumped off to see who could best land on the floor, but there was a catch — when they landed on the floor, they needed to land with their knees straight (no bending the knees to cushion the fall). Jorgito was the most “Superman”, but couldn’t walk the next day.

There was the time when Jorgito misbehaved, so as punishment, his mother forced him to wear his sister’s dress. Too embarrassed to show himself, Jorgito hid in his bed underneath the covers all day, while his five older sisters teased him from the doorway.

We are all storytellers

At Metablox, we believe that we all have meaningful stories to tell.

Just take a look at this memory from today, told by ovo in our Discord:

Date: 2005–2010

Location: San Jose

Memory: I lived through a majority of my college life in the animation lab. It was a room about 20x30 ft, tables and computers along the walls and a long table filled animator’s light boxes in the middle. Max Occupancy was about 15 people, though we often doubled that somehow.

The room was filled with aspiring artists from all phases of our program. I spent countless hours flipping paper and hand drawing animations at a time when we had to record to VHS tapes before going digital. Everyone in the lab lived off of energy drinks, snacks from the bookstore, and most importantly, each other’s passion for art.

I would have never thought of it back then when I was sleep deprived for weeks at a time, but I miss that feeling of being among a group of like minded people, uncertain about their future, and striving to succeed in their craft. I look back at these times as being some of the most influential experiences that have brought me to where I am today.

What makes this memory even more powerful is the fact that I don’t have any pictures. None of the lab, none of my friends in zombie mode, and none of the constantly overflowing trash cans filled with crumpled drawings. For this reason, this memory has become one of my most vivid because I’ve spent so much time clinging onto to it in fear of forgetting.

I was able to find this picture of the entrance from a one of our alumni groups

Such an inspirational memory. It drives me to push hard and grow Metablox into a successful platform.

Metablox will be an everlasting griot

When you buy an NFT Home on Metablox, you can add memories to it. These memories will live on forever on the blockchain, where anyone can see your story.

We look forward to experiencing your memories.


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