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Why you will value other people’s memories

Jun Loayza
Nov 24 · 4 min read

As our community for Metablox continues to grow (here on our Discord), we are getting some important, thought-provoking questions.

A frequently asked question right now is, “Why should I care about other people’s memories?”

Here is an example question from Kini (from our Discord):

... Now my memories at a certain location would be starkly different [from] that of someone else’s. And Having a picture or gif … as a token that is taken by someone else (with probably different landscapes or other people part of it) wouldn’t really mean much to me at that point because it doesn’t have any memory of mine associated with it right? Or am o misunderstanding something?

Do people care about other people’s memories?

Absolutely yes, which is why products such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat exist. Users are essentially capturing their memories and sending it to others.

But all memories don’t matter — it’s only the meaningful ones that matter.

What determines if something is meaningful?

  1. The person is meaningful: Friends, family, celebrities can be meaningful.
  2. The place is meaningful: Think of landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and the Eiffel Tower.
  3. The event is meaningful: Music festivals, gatherings, birthday parties, or even protests.
  4. The time is meaningful: Where were you when X happened? You can replace “X” with significant moments in time such as 9/11.

But as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, we don’t aim to replace or compete with Instagram or Google Photos.

Ok, so people care about memories. But why would they buy them?

So this is the heart of the question. Let’s break down types of users and reasons why they would buy a place on Metablox.

1. A user who has memories in a specific home

This user can buy the home on Metablox and infuse it with their memories. Memories help a home level up, giving a myriad of benefits to the owner.

2. A user who has memories in a community, but not a specific home

This user can buy a home in that community in Metablox and infuse it with their memories. Memories can be tied to a specific address or to a community.

3. A user who has no memories in a city

Imagine you live in Japan and have never traveled to San Francisco, but you believe in Metablox and want to buy an NFT because you believe the value will go up. In this case, you may choose to purchase the following places:

  • Places that are significant: the Painted Ladies in San Francisco for example
  • Places that are near a landmark: homes on Lombard Street in San Francisco for example
Homes on Lombard Street
  • Places owned by people of significance: Mark Zuckerberg’s home for example
  • Places that have a vibrant community on Metablox: the better the community, the faster those homes will level up, and the more in-demand that they’ll be

If you don’t have any memories, then how can you level up the property?
We aim to build Metablox as a supportive community that helps each other grow. For this reason, owners can allow others to upload memories to their home.

Why would someone upload a memory to a place that they don’t own?

  • Everyone in the community benefits: Just like in real life, the neighborhood impacts your property value. If all homes in a community are owned, then all homes in that community get a boost; if all homes in a community have memories, then all homes in that community get a big boost.
  • People who submit memories can receive some Metarent: If you don’t own the address, but submit a memory that is accepted by the owner, then you can get a share of the Metarent.

4. A user who wants to own multiple addresses

The more places that you own, the more Metarent that you can collect. In addition, communities will be able to customize characteristics and attributes of the community. For example, a community may vote for a cover memory or vote for a community slogan. The more homes that you own in a community, the stronger your vote.

Hope this helped. If you have more questions, then please join our Discord.


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