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The Future of GameFi 2.0 and MetaBomb

GameFi: Game and Finance

It has been rapidly taking over the traditional gaming industry since the rise of Axie Infinity. It attracts gamers by offering them an opportunity to make money while dispersing the stress of their main jobs. Players can earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards by completing tasks, battling other players, and progressing through the different game levels.

MetaBomb is the combination of Bomberman and Metaverse. Players can throw themselves in countless intense matches, or work with each other to defeat the formidable boss, guarding immense treasures that could change any players’ prestige.

As time went on, GameFi showed some drawbacks: Tokenomics, gameplay, and technical limitations. GameFi must change to stay relevant to players and investors. Thus, the idea of GameFi 2.0 is formed, representing the perfect combination of traditional Play-to-Earn mode with DeFi 2.0. In GameFi 2.0, games can include more social elements, allowing them to have more say in the development process. Most current GameFi projects are geared towards profit that won’t keep the players stay with the game for a long time. The next innovation will be games that are actually fun and profitable.

Integrating Metaverse can create a lot of different storylines and contexts appealing to players, while simulating the social dynamics of the real world. The most important thing in GameFi 2.0 is providing a stable and ordered in-game economy. It will improve GameFi financially, and ensure long-term sustainability, as tokens can be used for trading, staking, upgrading heroes or fusion…

MetaBomb is developing towards this concept. MetaBomb has a simple gameplay with various modes. it aims to build a strong community and attract more players to enjoy the game. Gamers often feel bored with the gameplay of GameFi shortly after launch. Knowing this, developers of Metabomb create many modes in game such as PvE, PvP, Boss Hunt, Arena Battle, Tournament. Beside that, players can collect NFT parts through PvE to get a new hero that can be sold in the marketplace or used for Fusion or Upgrade. They can also collect Bricks to build their own House or Hotel to regain the hero’s stamina. All NFTs are assets which holders can trade them to make profit.

Now, GameFi 2.0 is a new definition which every gaming developer wants to deliver to the market. MetaBomb is approaching this new model, and preparing carefully to launch it in the near future.

You can read more about the tokenomics in MetaBomb’s whitepaper.

See you in the game and we can discover MetaBomb’s world together!

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MetaBomb is a bomber game similar to the classic Bomberman series, where players control a Hero, place bombs on tiles across the map to complete the objectives of various game modes: PvE, PvP, and Idle Farming to earn MTB token and other valuable NFTs.

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