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How Metabomb Solves GameFi Inflation? (And how Axie failed to do so)

The simplest answer sometimes is the best

The hype of GameFi emerged in 2018, when many people from developing countries started to move out of poverty with incomes from playing Axie Infinity — an NFT game developed by Vietnamese game studio Sky Marvis. Axie Infinity took the crypto world by storm and became the newest trend at the time. Many hoped for a life changing opportunity with Axie Infinity.

To play Axie Infinity, players must obtain 3 Axies from the marketplace. Axies are NFTs mythical creatures. They have unique combinations of features, indicating what their skills are. Axies are also divided into 9 classes: Reptile, Plant, Dusk, Aquatic, Bird, Dawn, Beast, Bug and Mech. Axie Infinity introduces 2 game modes — Adventure and PvP. In Adventure, players take 3 Axies and pass each stage to earn $SLP as rewards. In PvP, players battle with others in real time, and earn $SLP. Rewards will be distributed based on rankings after each season ends.

Breeding is another feature that contributes to the hype of Axie Infinity. By combining 2 parent Axies, players can create their own unique Axie, which exhibits traits from both parents. Axies with unique and rare features can go very high in price on the market.

There are 2 tokens in the Axie infinity ecosystem: $AXS and $SLP. $AXS is the ERC-20 governance token for the Axie Universe, and can be used to buy Axies on the marketplace. The tokenomics of $AXS can be found on Axie Infinity website. $SLP is the ERC-20 token, used as an in-game asset of Axie, and used as fees for breeding Axies. $SLP tokens do not have a hard cap to its supply, and are generated in gameplay. $SLP tokens are burned during Axies breeding.

Axie Infinity is the pioneer of the GameFi field, paving the way for many succeeding projects. However as of recently, players have been complaining about the earning mechanism of Axie Infinity, as well as other GameFi projects. Players of Axie Infinity and many GameFi projects earn on a first-comes-first-serve basis, meaning that the earlier on you join the game, the more you will earn. Users on the Axie Infinity’s Reddit Forum have reportedly lost interest in the game after playing for a while.

Decoding the downfall

$SLP tokens can be generated unlimitedly, with no hard cap on the supply and can be burned only through breeding. With the old gameplay, players could play using multiple accounts for unlimited time daily, generating lots of $SLP tokens. Although Axie Infinity has placed a limit on the number of accounts and the amount of time you can spend playing the game, the damage is already done. Narvick, an analytic firm, points out that Axie Infinity has an inflation problem, now that old players are cashing out $SLP on exchanges, rather than using the token in Axie breeding. Getting more new users might solve this problem, but the number of new players is decreasing.

Source: Business Insider

Players are getting less interested in the game due to the small rewards that they receive daily compared to their initial investment and time spent playing the game. According to Business Insider, Axie Infinity players have been earning less than their minimum wage since September 2021.

MetaBomb is a Casual Play-2-Earn game, where players actually own something in the Metaverse and earn steady income through fun and interactive gameplay.

Players control their heroes in MetaBomb world, collect tokens, NFT items in different game modes: Treasure Hunt, Boss Hunt, PVP, Arena, Tournament, etc. and all of the items are tradable through the Marketplace. Moreover, players can build, own, buy and rent private properties in the world of MetaBomb.

There are 5 game modes in Metabomb:

Chest Farm Mode: Players send up to 5 heroes into a mining area and have them plance bombs to destroy chest blocks to collect Bomb Piece, MTB token and NFTs on a 19x11-block map.

Boss Hunt Mode: Players deal the most damage as possible to the boss. Rewards (tokens or NFTs) are distributed based on your damage to the Boss at server reset.

Arena Battle Mode: Each player controls one character to battle with other players in a match. Players receive daily and monthly rewards (tokens/NFTs) based on their rankings.

PvP Mode: Players place bets and join 1v1 or 2v2 battles with other players. The winner will win all of the bet rewards (tokens).

Tournament Mode: Players join the weekly elimination. The winner will receive rewards in tokens.

Players can also complete daily quests to earn $MTB tokens.

The 5 hero classes of Metabomb are: Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Support, and Ranger, each class will come with its own unique stats. Hero stats are also determined by the level of rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, Legend, Mythic, and Meta. The rarity of heroes can increase via hero fusion.

Recognizing the issues that lie within the GameFi industry, Metabomb has introduced a brand new anti-inflation mechanism that can potentially be the solution to these problems.

Since the early development phase of Metabomb, inflation was one of the issues that we wanted to address first. Many players lost interest in GameFi because they are earning less and less as from when GameFi projects first launched. We decided to have $MTB as the only token with a fixed total supply, which is utilized throughout the Metabomb ecosystem. Not only can users buy new characters with MTB, they can also use MTB to level up and fuse heroes, purchase houses, etc. All of the MTB tokens that are used in these actions will be “burned”.

MTB tokens are not “burned” in a traditional sense, where the tokens are sent to a null address. “Burned” MTB tokens will be circulated back into the in-game reward pool, so that players can still generate stable income rates, and the token price is not fluctuated.

Another mechanism of the anti-inflation protocol is that the types of rewards users earn will alter depending on the rates of inflation. If MTB tokens are at risk of inflation, players will then earn NFTs instead of MTB tokens and vice versa. We hope to create a new era of GameFi with equal opportunity for both existing and new players, and exciting gameplay features.

The anti-inflation mechanism also includes the NFT burning protocol — each time a new hero is successfully fused, the material heroes used to fuse the higher class heroes will be burned. This will regulate the circulating supply of NFTs on the market and reduce the risk of NFT inflation.

Metabomb will release the test version of the game in May 2022, so you can try out all of the unique gameplay and features for yourself!

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MetaBomb is a bomber game similar to the classic Bomberman series, where players control a Hero, place bombs on tiles across the map to complete the objectives of various game modes: PvE, PvP, and Idle Farming to earn MTB token and other valuable NFTs.

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