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MetaCartel DAO

A story of meta-txs

The end of a chapter and the beginning of another.

Attendees of the first-ever MetaCartel community call

Attendees of the first-ever meta-tx working group call (agenda:
On the first-ever agenda, we discussed the community’s name

ETH San Fransisco 2018


Web3Summit 2018

Prague Status Hackathon MetaCartel take over

Ethereum Magicians Council of Prague 2018, meta transactions ring

DevCon 4 Prague, 2018

That backwards MetaCartel t-shirt
MetaCartel take overs + workshops & working groups

MetaCartel Dinner 2018, Prague

Meta-tx community call #7

MetaCartel Denver, 2019

Community call #9

MetaCartel Paris, 2019

MetaCartel Berlin UX Meetup

MetaCartel NYC, 2019

End of a chapter, the start of an era.

Long live the MetaCartel.



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