MetaCartel DAO Accelerator Applications Now Open 🤩🤩🤩

Accelerating the Ethereum application layer one dapp at a time.

Alex Hoffmann
May 21, 2019 · 3 min read
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What is the MetaCartel DAO?

We recently announced that the MetaCartel is forking Moloch DAO in order to help grow Ethereum’s application layer ecosystem.

Instead of funding Ethereum development, the MetaCartel DAO is a grant-giving DAO that seeks to focus on application layer projects.

The core mission of the DAO is to increase the pace and speed at which the Ethereum ecosystem learns how to build more usable and viable end-user-facing web 3.0 products. To achieve this, the DAO intends to deploy community capital as well as provide ecosystem support to projects that are able to further the Ethereum application layer.

This is why we’re labeling it an accelerator. While the DAO itself serves as a coordination mechanism, the accelerator component aids application adoption and development by going beyond simply disbursing funds. The MetaCartel DAO Accelerator core contributing team will work closely with chosen projects to help incubate the idea and accelerate application layer adoption.

What kind of projects are we seeking to fund?

We are seeking use-case product first projects that leverage Ethereum and existing protocols to experiment in new ways to deliver value — specifically to end users.

This can take many forms so don’t be shy in applying. We’ve talked with projects ranging from gambling to NFT creation to end user wallet solutions. As long as your project is focused on creating value or an experience for individuals, we’d love to hear from you!

One of the DAO’s future goals is to accelerate the shared understanding of how to leverage web 3.0 technologies to create unique value and experiences. As such, preference is given to projects open to experimentation around data sharing.

Integrations: Taking web 2.0 games or products and introducing web 3.0 dynamics and elements to users.

Social experiments: Any p2p experimentations around NFTs, Artwork, social networking, AR/VR, experimenting with new token engineering designs, new game features that leverage new web 3.0 based incentive design.

Usability & UX: Any experiments that will advance the ecosystem’s shared understanding of how to build better products.

DAOs: Experimentation around how to coordinate humans using Ethereum.

Application layer infrastructure: Projects that will only have strong community validation will be considered for funding.

How will we decide which projects to fund and what is the potential grant size?

Our funding criteria boils down to four key questions:

  • Is the project focused on application layer development, experimenting with new use cases, or advancing usability on Ethereum?
  • Does the project have a unique hypothesis they seek to prove on the application layer?
  • Is the project a culture fit with the MetaCartel community?
  • How open is the project to collaboration with other application layer projects in the ecosystem?

Each potential grant will be evaluated independently; some projects will be funded through a single grant and others through ongoing grant funding, some projects will necessitate larger grant sizes than others.

The MetaCartel core operating team will work with potential projects to provide the most ideal grant structure and size.

What’s the process for application and review?

Post a proposal in the MetaCartel forum. A couple good proposals to model yours after can be found here and here.

The DAO members will carefully review proposal. If we think it’s a good fit, we’ll set up some time to chat more with you about your project and the DAO.

MetaCartel DAO

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