MetaCartel 2.0

So what is MetaCartel?

Jul 11 · 4 min read

You might have seen our dancing chili somewhere on Twitter. You might have encountered our memes. And you might even be in one of our telegram groups — even perhaps several.

But you might still ask:

What is MetaCartel?

We began nearly a year ago as a technical working group that looked to standardize meta transactions and decentralize the execution of them. And we just wanted to have fun while we were at it.

The telegram chat voted in a funny name and then later adopted the chili as our logo. We never took ourselves too seriously, and I think to our benefit as well. You can read more about the initial folklore here.

And since, the MetaCartel has evolved wildly beyond my imagination.

As the working group progressed through engineering and research problems around meta transactions, MetaCartel along the way developed a strongly held internal belief around the importance of community. Over time, we all collectively experienced the power of coming together and collaborating on shared problems — and has since become the core value of MetaCartel.

Working with each other and helping each other succeed.

We realized how much further we could all go if we worked together. And over the last half year, as TabooKey made the key research breakthrough on enabling meta transactions — the MetaCartel was a working group with no more problems to solve.

But we had this community, and also this culture of collaboration. And soon, we began to work on other ecosystem problems around the application layer aside from meta transactions. We began to evolve. The community sharded off to work on meta transactions, others went on to work on a DAO, community members joined each other’s teams and other members started companies amongst themselves. We kept holding MetaCartel meetups, from Denver, Paris, Sydney and even kept going with our occasional virtual community calls.

Despite us all beginning to work on different problems and starting new projects, we kept in touch and more than that — we had a special bond between all of us. It’s safe to say, we aren’t just a community anymore. But rather an entire network of people, communities, companies, working groups, teams, collaborations, partnerships, DAOs.

If you want to go quick, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

We are a cartel.

MetaCartel started out as a meme that rallied projects together to collaborate on meta transactions. And like all great memes, they spread. MetaCartel has now become its own community ecosystem of projects revolving around the Web 3.0 application layer.

  • We are working on a DAO to fund experimentation around usability and UX advancements as well as new web 3.0 technology use cases.
  • We are working on launching DAOs with various communities (Yang DAO, Kitty DAO, etc.) and innovating on the user experience of DAOs.
  • We are working on building out a decentralized hub to enable users to be onboarded to dapps with meta transactions in a trustless manner.
  • We are working on building a community of dapp developers, helping them find feedback and connect with one another.
  • We are working on a podcast that interviews various DApps developers, surfacing insights around new user behaviors and product paradigms.
  • We are working on launching ‘Demo Day’, a community conference focused on shared learnings from shipping dapps to real people.
  • We are working on a Libra Ethereum bridge to enable wrapped Libra on Ethereum and hopefully also the first ever dapp on Libra.

And this is just a brief peek into the world of MetaCartel. It’s hard to pinpoint down what we are working on as we are always moving. Always working on something. Here is a map of our telegram chat world…

The MetaCartel ‘cartel’

It’s evolved beyond what I ever thought it could become.

I am in awe of what MetaCartel has become. And inspired by what it can be.

And so grateful and thankful for everyone in the community that I have shared the journey with so far. Thank you.

How to jump in and get involved?

MetaCartel has always grown organically through referrals and one to one relationships. And unfortunately, while we aren’t quite ready to open up the entire community yet —we would love to invite you all to join our first ever public telegram chat:


Thanks to Ven Gist.


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