MetaCartel Grants Funding (Wave III)

Sablier, Gelato Finance, Swag DAO, Fantastic 12, OneClickDApp

“There are not more than five musical notes, yet the combinations of these five give rise to more melodies than can ever be heard”― Sun Tzu

Re: Funding — The funding provided below are mostly initial sums, projects often receive continuous support as well as funding after the initial incubation phase. These cohort project team members will be accepted into the DAO as a member, where they will have the forum to request for additional funding and support.

Wave 3 Funding

🍦 Gelato Finance

‘If this then that’ for DeFi & DAOs, bringing automation to Ethereum

Gelato is a protocol that enables anyone to automate their interactions with defi applications by combining a set of triggers (e.g. if ETH price drops below $150 on Uniswap) with actions (e.g. buy a long position on ETH using dy/dx) that will be automatically executed on their behalf when the selected condition is met. All this happens without users having to transfer funds out of their wallet prior to that.

The protocol is built developer first, allowing others to add & combine arbitrary triggers and actions on the gelato protocol and offer those through their own UI without having to worry about many of the underlying complexities such as running a relay node.

❤️ Gelato is also supported and funded by our allies and also fellow DAO member: Gnosis 🦉

☠️ Swag DAO (now MetaFactory)


Swag DAO is a Revenue generating DAO that aims to make crypto merch great again. In collaboration with FlexDapps and OpenEsquire, Swag DAO aim to introduce FOMO3D-like game mechanics through bonding curve auctions and spice up the experience of buying financially miscellaneous items on the internet. This funding will be focused on helping Swag DAO launch an initial MVP.

⏳ Sablier

Streamed crypto payments

Sablier is a DApp focused on crypto payroll and streaming payments for work. Think of it like this: work today, get paid today, not at the end of the month! MetaCartel will be assisting Sablier in conducting it’s initial pilots and explore DAO operational use-cases.

📄 One Click dApp

General-purpose Web 3 embeddables

One Click dApp (OCD) turns any smart contracts into simple, easy to use dApp interface and in the last year since launch, 3,200 dapp interfaces have been created. OCD’s next goal is to undergo a re-design to become a general-purpose tool that can be used to interface with users. Embed Web 3 into any web page.

💬 Fantastic 12

Turn any Discord group into a revenue-generating DAO in one click.

Launch quick 12-person DAOs quickly through discord channels, start collaborating on bounties and distribute rewards, Fantastic12 is a Minimum Viable Startup implementation on the Ethereum blockchain.

Calls for projects

If you are building an MVP or have built one, we would love to be aware of what you are building — we are always up to jam on all things web3 product and dapps. Reach out to us via twitter DMs. 💬

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