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MetaCartel DAO — Wave I & II progress and outcomes

Since MetaCartel DAO’s launch in July, it has processed over 80+ applications for funding and deployed 2 waves of funding totaling $27,500 USD (August Wave I Funding, September Wave II Funding).

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”
― Sun Tzu


rDAI is a protocol that makes DeFi interest programmable. It was part of the September Wave II of funding and MetaCartel first came into contact with it pre-announcement, where MetaCartel helped shape the project’s early product communications, community awareness and visual branding. Providing $9,750 in funding, MetaCartel also partnered up with Quantstamp for the audit to get rDAI to a mainnet launch.

  • In the last 3 months, rDAI has grown its grassroots developer community to 40 members, its governance council to 6 members
  • So far there has been 7 community prototypes built on rDAI: stable interest rates (LSDAI), Moloch DAO interest to fund smart contract Nexus Mutual insurance (Offset DAO), interest-based DAO with rDAI (Virtue DAO), dashboard to manage rDAI interest streams (Tribute), interest funded developer bounties (BountyUp), donations via interest (rDAI Altar), patronage for open source projects using Aave interest (Patrons)

On the 7th of November, rDAI was deployed to mainnet and as of Nov. 20th, over $30,000 USD worth of rDAI has been minted. Fran and Miao who are part of rDAI’s core team also joined MetaCartel in the process of the funding and support, we are excited to watch the first mainnet usecase pilots of rDAI launch in the next couple of months.

On the 7th of November, rDAI was deployed to mainnet and as of Nov. 20th, over $30,000 USD worth of rDAI has been minted. Fran and Miao who are part of rDAI’s core team also joined MetaCartel in the process of the funding and support. We are excited to watch the first mainnet pilots of rDAI launch in the next couple of months.

Pat and Victor from the core rDAI Squadron

Project Howl (PokéMol + DAOHaus)

Project Howl is a suite of DAO Operations tools that aims to help anyone deploy, launch and run a DAO. This project was started in early June by Odyssy and has built and launched two main products:

  • PokéMol: A Moloch DAO user interface that leverages smart contract based wallets (Abridged SDK) and meta transactions to enable a mobile compatible UX of DAOs. Initially created for the MetaCartel DAO, it has since been used by Yang DAO, Orochi DAO and soon to be piloted by Moloch DAO and Marketing DAO.
  • DAOHaus: A dapp that guides anyone through the deployment of their own Moloch DAO. More notably, DAOHaus was used to launch Yang DAO, Orochi DAO, and DAOSaka.

Project Howl has been funded with $13,000 USD so far through MetaCartel’s Wave I and Wave II funding including $5,000 from MetaCartel’s Binance grant funding. And while Odyssy started the project, the project’s development has now been transferred to under MetaCartel’s Raid Guild DAO, a decentralized community-driven dev-shop (Led by Odyssy with participation from other contributors such as the team from Blockrocket). The project’s next steps are to unify PokéMol and DAOHaus into a single managed product and to drive efforts in DAO Ops education to help anyone deploy and run a DAO.

Sam, Dekan and Ven of Odyssy and Knights of the Raid Guild

Kickback’s Orochi DAO

Orochi DAO is a Moloch DAO fork summoned by Makoto Inoue of Kickback, an events management platform that leverages crypto incentive design to drive turn out and participation.

  • This fork of Moloch DAO was originally created for coordinating shared event sponsorships and organization of offline crypto events, more specifically DevCon 5’s side events as an initial pilot testing ground.
  • It has since organized 4 events so far including the: The Year of the DAO: Moloch rises (Osaka Pre-Devcon 5), Whisky Tasting (During Devcon), Colorado MetaCartel Meetup and ETHWaterloo’s Burner Wallet Happy hour. These initial pilots proved the value of coordination across the ecosystem on an events level and will continue to launch additional popup DAO events with the next one at ETHDenver.

Orochi DAO was funded with $2,500 USD and since it’s deployment during ETHBerlin 2019, it has collected over 6,700 USD in community DAO pledges from over 17 members including individuals such as Eva Beylin, Mariano Conti, Rene and companies such as CoinDesk, Axia Labs, Aave, The Graph, Odyssy, Abridged, Torus, Yap Global, Veriledger, Authereum.

Orochi DAO at the Devcon5 Whisky tasting bar event


Mintbase is a NFT minting and point of sales system that allows anyone to start and manage their own marketplace of NFTs without needing any technical knowledge. MetaCartel worked with Mintbase and crypto artist “LoveArtHate” Stefan Stignei to pilot the use case of NFTs as conference tickets to “MetaCartel Demo Day”, the opening event of Berlin Blockchain Week 2019. Throughout this process, over 250+ NFTs were sold to generate $6,000+ USD in revenue to cover 55%+ of the operating cost of the conference.

MetaCartel provided $1,500 USD to fund this initial pilot, and since the pilot and Mintbase’s launch in August, it has generated over $10,000+ USD in platform sales and launched over 60+ markets. The team is now exploring potential non-crypto use-cases by potentially partnering up with the Wilde Möhre festival in Germany, experimenting with NFT co-working space passes with Full Node Berlin & Nonce and has also secured a second NFT ticketing pilot with NYC NFT, a 500+ person event later in early Jan 2020.

Nate Geier presenting Mintbase at MetaCartel Demo Day


DAOSaka is a revenue generating DAO with the aim of making profit through the creation and sale of Osaka Ethereum-themed NFT artwork based on Devcon5. Created by Blockrocket in collaboration with MetaCartel and KnownOrigin, the project explored the possibility of DAOs as a means of coordinating funding and the viability of the Moloch DAO contracts as a for-profit DAO primitive.

DAOSaka crowdfunded $700 of investment from a pool of 25+ anonymous and pseudonymous investors over an initial period of 24 hours. The project’s fundraising goal was $900, where it was guaranteed $1,000 of funding from MetaCartel DAO, and thus only $200 was invested into the pool of funds by MetaCartel DAO. This funding was used to commission over 40+ pieces of unique art from 30 artists. 9 of those pieces were selected for tokenization as NFTs to be sold. Over 2 months, the DAOSaka sale produced net revenue of $1,400 to generate a 12.6% profit ROI on the initial $900 USD investment. It claims a title to the first-ever DAO to achieve profitability.

KnownOrigin and Blockrocket are next exploring what a scalable arts DAO looks like.

Andy, David, and James from Blockrocket & Known Origin + Knights of the Raid Guild


Pepper4D is a reputation game authored by Eric Arsenault, designed to coordinate and acknowledge the work done internally within MetaCartel DAO. The purpose of the project was to gamify the boring task of keeping track of member contributions to the DAO, and provide new members with an easier way to learn about the ecosystem via a visual interface. It was first launched in September and included several key features:

  • A Figma board which visualized the DAO members, and their value-added contributions
  • A google sheet which kept track of all value-added contributions and gameplay
  • A telegram channel where all gameplay was announced by various DAO members

The initial pilot was given $500, lasted one month and saw extensive engagement and participation by the MetaCartel DAO. Pepper4D continues to be developed as a generalized ‘dnd style’ framework for coordinating the internal reputation of DAO members for MetaCartel and beyond.


MetaGame is an inter-DAO reputation system designed to increase transparency and collaboration between existing projects & create a meta framework for organizing the crypto community. Summoned by pΞTH, he received $600 USD as part of MetaCartel’s Binance grant funding. The long term purpose of the project is to become an open source framework for running transparent digitally native societies. The first 100 humans have been collected for the first sacrifice.

MetaGame Prototype

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