MetaCartel Demo Day #1: We shan’t be telling your madre about this

Lili Feyerabend
MetaCartel DAO


TL;DR — MetaCartel proudly presents ‘The Demo Day’, a one-day event packed with live web3 product demos, talks, workshops and (hopefully) heated constructive debates on how we can make decentralized applications on the Ethereum network more accessible to the masses.

“All empires are created of blood and fire.”

We here at the MetaCartel live by this statement. We’ve noticed that it’s not a particularly common sentiment though and so, we want to put the fire back in the community. Put the fire back in you, the creators and builders of Ethereum, to do nothing else but ‘learn fast’, ‘ship’ and ‘iterate’. The best part: we can do it all together with beer and nachos…. and Mate.

At this event, we want to push boundaries, not to draw them.

That’s why you shouldn’t tell your mom about this. We’re aiming for the breakthrough, not comfortable conformity. There’s going to be debates, arguments and progresses all for the good causes. Because we believe that decentralization is a foundation of a better Internet where people are empowered by technology rather than being dubbed by the tech entrepreneur as ‘the product’. The future is too good to just wait around for it to happen.

We’re here to take over by force.

Who we are?

It’s fair to say that only a handful of people know about our (short) history.

It’s fair to say that only a handful of people know the story of how the first Ethereum cartel came to be. Who better to tell it than El Chapo himself, @pet3rpan.

“Last year during September, the MetaCartel working group was formed to collaborate on meta-transaction standardisation and relevant discussion around the ‘mass adoption of web3’. While seemingly fairly nascent, we soon realised this wasn’t your average Ethereum working group.

From the beginning, there was a strong establishment of our shared internet culture which is reflected through our community voted name: MetaCartel and our logo which emerged from the delirious hours of the ETH SF hackathon.

Group discussions often bleed into surrounding user experience technologies of meta-transactions such as state channels, scaling and topics as well as UX design. Community calls were held, collaborations were fostered. Throughout the year, the Cartel had a strong presence during Web3Summit, Status Hackathon & Devcon4.

Underpinned by a shared mission in building a better web3 and a strong fostered community focused culture, the MetaCartel represents more than just a technical meta-transactions working group. It has become a close knit network of companies, teams and people who share a collective mindset of collaboration.

I believe that this group is capable of things bigger than all of us.

The Program

There will be an open stage for Ethereum builders to show off how they have pushed progress from code to interface. Apply to join as a presenter or a workshop host if you know that your experience would be helpful to other community members. We believe that collective knowledge is the hallmark of human civilization as well as the decentralization movement.

Our speakers, aka ‘The Cartel Cohort’, are from web3 projects that have successfully shipped, experimented and tested with real users.

Hester Bruikman, @hesterbruikman

Simona Pop - Bounties Network @Sim_Pop

Lili Feyeraband - Radi.Cards, Department of Decentralization @lililashka

Thibaut Sardan -Parity Fether @Tbaut

George Spasov - LimePay @GSpasov

Andrew Redden -GroundHog @androolloyd

Mikhail Dobrokhvalov -VolcaTech @dobrokhvalov

Fredrik Haga -Dune Analytics @hagaetc

Mareck Kirejczyk - ETHWorks, UniversalLoginSDK @marekkirejczyk

Have you spilled blood, sweat and tears shipping your web3 product? Have you been putting your work in-front of and actually testing it with the people that will be using it?

If you answered yes to either those of questions, you’re the kind of person that we’re looking for. We have a few tracks you might be interested in applying for.


Apply to demo your web3 project and share what you have learnt with the community. Other presentations are welcomed but we would like keep the theme of the speakers to be product focused, especially on product and user insights gained through cycles of iterative product development.


Apply to run a roundtable workshop focused on a subject of your choice (meta transactions, web3 UX for mass adoption etc). You can run it however you want, we suggest taking a look at the ‘Magic Ring’ format, it’s pretty neat.


We’ve designed our event to be as inclusive as possible. We haven’t set a number yet, but rest assured that tickets will be at a comfortable price point. They’ll even cover your food and drinks for the day. If you like what we do and want to support us, your contributions are most welcomed. We’re not sure exactly how much we need to run the event, but we’ve set a ballpark estimate of ~10,000 USD. We’re not going to Bitconnect you, we promise.

Get involved

and … we’ve sold you. Damn we’re good. Now I bet you’re wondering how you can get involved.

Our bureaucracy is simple, cartel style. Just send @pet3rpan a message on telegram with why you want to:

  • present your demo
  • host a workshop
  • sponsor this event

Tickets aren’t available yet. But we’ll open for RSVP soon.

Make sure you follow us on twitter @meta_cartel and check out our website so you get the latest news and keep up to date.