MetaCartel Demo Day t̶o̶k̶e̶n̶ Ticket Sale

Rare limited edition NFTs as tickets

MetaCartel’s Demo Day (19th August, Berlin Blockchain Week) community conference attendance tickets will be sold as NFTs (20 €).

Holding one of these will enable you to enter into the Demo Day where they will be then marked down and scanned. We'll also additionally be looking to experimenting closely with the open possibilities of NFT based identity and the social dynamics enabled by digital scarcity.

Maybe we’ll allow NFT holders to join the MetaCartel DAO at a discounted rate, maybe we will see the rise of another DAO as established by the ownership of these NFTs, or even receive cash flow from future MetaCartel events.

You can trust us that we’ll definitely be spicing it up 😈

LoveArtHate — ‘Cartel’ (2019)

We are so lucky to have Stefan (LoveArtHate) to have come together for us to create some amazing art for MetaCartel Demo Day. They will forever live on the blockchain (literally). For now, if you enjoy what you see — check out his SuperRare profile and show some love ❤️

We’ll be minting our tokens through MintBase, a technology partner for MetaCartel Demo Day. We’ll later share how it all works.

The supply & demand of Demo Day NFTs

The total supply will consist of 200 NFTs. It will be a tight-knit conference.

60 of 200 NFTs will be sold through invitational OTC channels. If you want an invite, reach out, message or DMO someone who is involved with the MetaCartel 🤩 to simply request one.

The other 100 of 200 NFTs will be released and sold to the public through a series of waves.

40 of 200 NFTs will be distributed out to the public through various games, meme competitions and through engaging with the MetaCartel.

With 20 € per person, all the funds will be going back into running and funding the Demo Day (cost of the venue, the food you will be eating, etc.)

Also if you are a student, reach out and we are happy to give you a ticket for free! 🤩

The first round of public sale tickets

The first round of public tickets are available now on MintBase:

If you would like to support the MetaCartel, buy in and get yourself an NFT 😋

Even if you aren’t gonna be there, it’s also some pretty cool art.

Also, the full agenda for MetaCartel Demo Day will be announced in the coming week so stay tuned on twitter 🏃‍♀️

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