SwagDAO Design Competition

Drew Harding
Nov 15, 2019 · 2 min read

Name & Design the First Community-owned Web3 Fashion Brand!


Who: YOU!

What: SwagDAO Branding Competition

Why: SwagDAO is a working project codename. We want the community to help define and design the official brand direction. 200 $Dai in awards.

When: Starting today, November 15th with final submissions due Monday, November 25th

SwagDAO is a revenue generating DAO that aims to spice up the experience of buying dank swag online. Utilizing FOMO3D-like game mechanics through bonding curve auctions and NFTs to verify authenticity and enable member benefits, we will make swag great again!

SwagDAO has officially been selected to receive project funding and support under MetaCartel’s Grant Program (Cohort 1). As such, we are excited to announce our first effort in the form of a design competition!

SwagDAO has always been a project codename while we began to gauge interest in the idea and explore potential platform features. Now that the MetaCartel has decided to back the project, we want the community to assist us with creating an official brand for the venture — after all, this will be a brand run by and for the community, where individuals will be able to directly participate in its success.

We are calling on the community to submit their best brand strategies including name, tagline, and some logo direction (can just be a meme). We will be awarding 200 Dai for the best idea(s). We will look to the community to vote on their favorite concepts, but final decision rests with project owners and stakeholders.

Today, November 15th, marks the official start. The competition will run 10 days and end on Monday, November 25th. This is also a great chance for artists who are interested in selling merchandise on the platform to flex their skills.

So what are you waiting for? Get to work and your designs could be the face of the next fashion revolution.

To enter the competition, please post the following to @SwagDAO on Twitter.

  • Your suggested renaming of SwagDAO
  • Potential tagline (or two!)
  • Some visual direction (memes, logo samples, w/e)
Official Handshake of SwagDAO

Congratulations to Hammad Jutt, the winner of the SwagDAO brand competition with MetaFactory, the new, official name of the SwagDAO project and platform!!!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/themetafactory

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/Ip9feFd1vHfaVMIPWeMS6w

MetaCartel Forum: https://forum.metacartel.org/t/dao-proposal-swagpow-apparel-sales-platform/296/4

MetaCartel DAO


Drew Harding

Written by

Chief Product Officer @ PillarProject.io | Enforcer @ MetaCartel

MetaCartel DAO


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