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Introducing MetaClan

A cryptonative eSports clan focused on enhanced play-to-earn mechanics that unlock value for developers, players, and spectators alike.

We believe there’s an unparalleled opportunity to take a hands-on role in architecting the gaming ecosystem of tomorrow.

In this article, we provide a primer on MetaClan, with more information to be revealed following the upcoming ETHGlobal events.


MetaClan is a collective of crypto gamers, technologists, and developers focused on delivering exceptional experiences through a next-generation video game guild.

We aim to create a decentralised mechanism through which eSports communities can come together across multiple NFT-based games. Players will share insights, value, and skills to drive the web3 gaming space forwards.

By working directly with both players and developers, MetaClan stands to stimulate growth of individual gaming communities as well as the broader web3 gaming ecosystem.

The first eSports DAO

MetaClan aims to attract the most talented web3 gamers and support them in completing the most difficult challenges, competing at the highest level, and earning the rarest NFT loot the incipient metaverse has to offer.

Studios that partner with MetaClan are invited to contribute time and resources to the DAO, in exchange for users, traction, and feedback amongst many other things.

MetaClan will support a number of roles that allow for members of all shapes and sizes to leverage our platform, these roles will have a core focus around gamers, developers, studios, industry scouts, DAO summoners, financiers, et cetera.

Why MetaClan?

The War Chest

An on-chain treasury management contract responsible for storing all MetaClan’s assets. We envision a system in which MetaClan shares represent a pro-rata claim on all assets stored in the War Chest.

For scarce items such as in-game NFTs, the DAO plans to create fractionalized shares of various assets, effectively allowing stakeholders to share ownership of the most valuable items.

In addition, MetaClan will look for ways for innovative ways in which the War Chest can earn passive income — such as the DSR or RocketNFT lending.

Player Staking

Similar to staking poker players, MetaClan will provide financial resources for gamers to explore various crypto games at the highest level. We expect that granting trusted gamers access to the very best in-game equipment, characters, and resources will strongly enhance their gameplay. This high-tier play will net valuable rewards, a portion of which will be returned to the MetaClan War Chest in exchange for the loaned resources.

Staked players share portions of their loot with the rest of the DAO, effectively allowing us to equip our top performers with enviable load-outs that would take others many months or years to obtain.


MetaClan plans to offer a wide array of bounties by working directly with blockchain gaming companies, similar to Coinbase Earn mechanics. Higher-end bounty payouts are likely to require screen recordings and detailed voice commentaries to provide the most tangible feedback to game developers. We will develop detailed feedback guidelines that ensure optimal time efficiency for our playtesters in line with the studio’s requests.


MetaClan creates a trustless environment for developers to benefit from players teaming up without writing guild software. In this sense, we create a robust foundation from which blockchain games can bootstrap popularity in a novel way. And for our players, the same is true.

Join the industry’s top minds at the forefront of video game experimentation, and assist MetaClan in becoming a force to be reckoned with throughout the metaverse.

If you want to play fast, play alone; but if you want to play far, play with Meta.


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If you’re passionate about the intersection of gaming and crypto technologies, join us via the MetaClan Telegram to align yourself with the future of gaming. As you encounter suitable games, players, and opportunities — please forward them to the Summoners or tag us on Twitter @MetaClanDAO!

If you’re a gaming studio who is interested in sponsoring this initiative, please contact one of our Scouts to get started.


Thank you chiefly to Cooper Turley, James Waugh, Piers Kicks, Alex ‘Sillytuna’ Amsel, and Lucas Campbell (among others) who’s time and effort went into fleshing out this document.

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MetaClanDAO is a next generation video game guild that unlocks value for developers, players, and spectators alike.