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Open IssueToken Testnet for Issue Meta Tokens

We’re opened the IssueToken( ) to issue tokens easily and quickly using the Metacoin’s Mainnet.

Open IssueToken Testnet

If you are familiar with the Ethereum protocol, you’ve probably heard the name ERC-20, ERC-721, etc.

Metacoin can also issue tokens(Meta Tokens) from the Metacoin mainnet starting with MRC-10, it may take the time less than 5 minutes to issue a Meta Token.

Season of the token issue in 2018/4Q

The IssueToken is only avaiable for Testnet on now(2018/10/05), but it’s scheduled to get actual Meta Token ICOs for 2018/4Q.

In addition, Swapping existing project tokens into Meta Tokens that do not complement the disadvantages of their own mainnet has become easier.

Guide for IssueToken Testnet


1. Meta Tokens can be issued based on the MRC-010 Metacoin protocol.

2. This manual provides an overview of how to issue Meta Tokens via the Testnet.

3. Meta Tokens of this Testnet are restricted from actual transactions and distribution.

4. Metacoin will release the mainnet after the Testnet has been completely verified.



How to issue tokens

1. Sign Up MetaWallet

You can sign up by clicking the SIGN UP button on the MetaWallet homepage.
Enter your email and password, and click the SIGN UP button.

2. Login in MetaWallet.

Enter your email and password, and click the SIGN IN button.

3. Create the Metacoin Wallet.

Click the “Create Address” button to get a Metacoin(MTC) Wallet.
Please keep the wallet address with clicking “COPY” button.

IssueToken Testnet — Issue Tokens

- Go to the IssueToken website and click the generate chain code button.

You can set the token by clicking the Create Chain Code button in the center of the main screen.

1. Select Chaincode.

; It’s only provided the MRC-010 protocol on the Testnet.

Select the MRC-010 and click Next button.

2. Token Setup

; Sets the various values of token.

Token logo image: format is jpg/png/gif, size 62*62 Px is recommended.
Enter your token information.

Name: Enter your token name.
* Token names are case sensitive, so please copy it separately.

SYMBOL: Enter the symbol(code,Abbreviation) of token.
( Ex. BTC, ETH, MTC )

DECIMAL: Enter the number of decimal places.

URL: Enter the project’s website address
* it must be included the http:// or https://.

INFORMATION: Please provide a brief introduction of the token in 2048 characters or less.

Please enter your MTC address and reserve information.


ADDRESS: Please enter your MTC wallet address.


ADDRESS: Please enter your wallet address to hold your issued tokens. *In gerneral, we will first fill in the owner’s address.

UNLOCK TIME: Please specify release date and time. * The default value is the current time.

DIMENSION: Choose the number or percentage of tokens you want to reserve,

VALUE: Please enter AMOUNT


1. After entering the reserve quantity in VALUE,click the [+] button to add the list.

2. You can assign a reserve to multiple wallets by entering the new reserve token address and quantity in the same way and clicking the [+] button.

3. It’s determine the total issue volume adding the ICO quantity on 3 step CROWDSALE setting.
(Ex. Reserve1 1 million + Reserve2 1million+ Pre-sale 500,000 + Crowdsale 500,000= Total amount 3 million)

3. Crowd Sale Settings

SOFTCAP, HARDCAP 수량을 설정해주세요.
SOFTCAP, HARDCAP Please set the quantity.
Set the ICO level and enter information such as name and duration.

SOFTCAP: Please specify the minimum sales volume required to implement the project.
HARDCAP: Please indicate the maximum sales volume of ICO.
CROWDSALE SETUP NAME: The name of the ICO step. (Ex. Private-sale, Pre-sale, Crowd-sale, etc.)
EXPIRE POLICY: This is the processing method when the sale ends.
move to next tier: Carry forward to the next sale segment.
burning: burning.
move to owner: belongs to the owner’s purse.
START TIME ~ END TIME: The date and time of ICO start and end.
UNLOCK TIME: ICO’s lock-up date and time.
INVESTOR MIN CAP: Minimum investment amount.
* In the above example,we set it to 10 MET or more.
RATE: ICO exchange rate. Enter how many tokens to provide per MTC.
SUPPLY: ICO quantity.
[+ ADD]: If more than 2 ICOs are set, this button is added.

Clicking the [+ ADD] button allows you to set up multiple levels of ICO.
When all ICO settings are completed, click NEXT to proceed to the next step.

4. Confirm the settings

Make sure that both the basic information of the coin and the ICO

information are correct.
All figures have sensitive decisions.
In particular, please carefully look at figures such as quantity / date / time.
If all the information is correct, click the [+ Creat Token] button to finish.

5. Completed

At the end of the process, copy the issued token key(Transaction ID).
Access your token in your Metacoin Wallet.
You will receive a message that the token has been created!

Do not close the issue token website, but access the MetaWallet website in a separate tab.

Copy the token key value generated by the issue token,

Open TOKEN ACCESS of MetaWallet,

Enter Token Name (Token Name), Token transaction ID (Token Key)

Click SIGN TOKEN to finish registering your token.

6. Issue confirmation

You can see the tokens issued by the MetaScan> Token.

When you look at the Token menu on the MetaScan website, you will see a list of recently issued tokens.

7. Check your wallet

Make sure the issued reserve is in your wallet.

You can check the Metacoin purse address and quantity entered in the reserve information in the MetaWallet.

8. Transfer test

Transfer the token you have on your MetaWallet to your friend’s Metacoin address.

You can transfer money by clicking Select token → Enter address → Enter quantity → SEND.

I’m afraid it’s a good transfer, I’ll check it on meta scan.

You can check the transfer details from Metascan → Transactions.


Because it is a testnet, you can create a Meta token and present it to your friends, and it’s a good test page that you can experience token publication for fun.

The Metacoin Team will continue to develop a good development environment that can demonstrate synergies with Metacoin in various industries.

Thank you.

Metacoin Network




Metacoin is a tangible ecosystem powered by Hyperledger with the Metacoin Token at the center connecting various DApps and the Withbit exchange.

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