Hierarchies in Liquid Democracy

Power OVER is an Illusion.
Only Power WITH Exists.

The thing about liquid democracy is that it still generates hierarchies.

Which, despite all my complaining about them, seem to still form naturally in different systems.

“A few people still end up with a lot of the power.”

That might be a common complaint about Liquid Democracy.

My prediction is that the distribution of voting power among the population will follow an exponential distribution. That’s the same way NBA, NFL, MLB salaries are distributed. That’s how income is distributed among people. It’s how YouTube subscribers, Twitter followers, carpet wear and tear, size of stars in the galaxy or even the size of bubbles in a glass of milk are distributed.

A few have a large influence, and most have very little influence.

There are a few YouTubers with millions of subscribers, and millions of users with few to no subscribers.

There are a few all-stars who are making the most money in the league, while the rest are making relatively little.

There are a few actual stars with all the mass of the galaxy, and a lot of stars with very little mass.

I expect the same to occur in this system. Which could in theory lead to the same problems we have today in our current hierarchical system.

However, if the person whom we have given all our support to changes their mind and acts against the will of his followers, then the followers have free rein to unfollow him. At any given time. If we no longer want that person to have influence we could in theory pick better people.

And the main reason for this is because people would be held accountable for the actions more immediately than under the current system.

Simple as that.

Instant accountability.

So while the hierarchies are still present, they aren’t themselves what was pernicious about the system. Exponential distributions are naturally occurring phenomena that don’t in and of themselves create problems. It is their misuse and abuse that leads to twisted and perverse systems like our own.

It’s time to end the perversion and joke that our government has unfortunately become. With no way to really hold any of our leaders accountable there’s not choice but to create a better system alongside it, and slowly strangle the old system to death before it consumes us all.

And the reason our system will succeed is because we will be the ones making better collective decisions.