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A compass for a Life-Affirming Economy

This is an invitation to stand at the intersection of Self, Culture, and Science and imagine what flourishing in a life-affirming economy would be like. Interrelatedness, diversity, and creativity are patterns of nature; and this intelligent design is reflected in a life-affirming economy. Through wise use of technology people are moving from fragmentation to interrelatedness. Decentralized virtual platforms have great potential to democratize value creation and exchange. While using complementary and reputation currencies, communities are able to create transparent mutual exchange systems that do not operate under the spell of compounding interest; thus developing a more cooperative culture. This intersection, the focal point of a life-affirming economy, is a place of wealth creation, where individuals choose to live and act in a way that enhances the well-being of all life forms on the planet. Here we yearn to make a valuable contribution, with freedom to create wealth and access the collective intelligence.

This is a story of how its happening…

We need each other. This plain and simple reality of the human experience has been denied through marketing as more and more of what was not monetized has become for sale at a price at the expense of our relationships. Our global economy, with its mandate to grow built into the very design of the currency, is quickly reaching the boundaries of a finite planet. Yet, simultaneously creative pathways are being forged by the pioneers who are defining a more holistic sense of wealth that orients people towards a full-spectrum flourishing.

Steve McIntosh says, ‘Evolution creates value by progressing towards ever-widening realizations of what is True, Good, and Beautiful.’ The evolutionary impulse to improve that we feel in our hearts and minds is the very same impulse that has been driving the unfolding of the universe from the beginning.

Truth, Goodness, and Beauty present themselves in every culture and wisdom tradition with different words. They appear in the triads of science, morals, and art; nature, culture, and self; it, we, and I. We must understand that these primary values guide our actions; and are not an abstract construction but a compass, a map, a code, and a set of lenses.Each dimension must improve for us to experience a full-spectrum flourishing.

They all intimately woven, a shift in one dimension impacts the rest. As an example, as ‘I’ value healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, my values impact the market which in response ‘It’ tries to satisfy the needs of conscious consumers by creating more sustainable choices. ‘We’ all give feedback with our transactions and conversations. As social technologies evolve, flows will become more visible, we will be able to see where every small part of the products we consume came from, and observe corporate behavior and its impact in nature and our communities. With this information ‘I’ can make more conscious choices.

There is no need to react negatively and fight against the old system. Instead, we are choosing to create an economic system with rules that generate infinite games that serve the next stage of our material, spiritual, and cultural evolution.

This article was co-authored with Crystal Arnold for the ‘Reinhabiting the Village’ book to be republished soon. Part I of II



On co-creating current-sees, social organisms, and tools for the next economy

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